亨利·巴斯克维尔爵士-巴斯克维尔猎犬-中英对照小说 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>5 亨利 巴斯克维尔爵士 Sir Henry Baskerville<br></p> <p>Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville arrived at exactly ten o'clock the following morning.Sir Henry was a small,healthy,wellbuilt man.His face showed that he had a strong character.He wore a country suit of thick,redbrown material,and his skin showed that he spent most of his time in the open air.<br></p> <p>'I am glad this meeting was already arranged,'Sir Henry said,after we had shaken hands with our visitors.'I need your help,Mr Holmes.A strange thing happened to me this morning.Look at this letter.'<br></p> <p>He put a piece of paper on the table.On it were the words: 'Do not go on to the moor.If you do,your life will be in danger.'The words had been cut out of a newspaper.<br></p> <p>'Can you tell me,Mr Holmes,what this means,and who is so interested in me?'Sir Henry asked.<br></p> <p>'This is very interesting,'said Holmes.'Look how badly it has been done.I think the writer was in a hurry.Why?Perhaps because he did not want somebody to see him.I think the address was written in a hotel.The pen and the ink have both given the writer trouble.The pen has run dry three times in writing a short address.There was probably very little ink in the bottle.A private pen and bottle of ink are never allowed to get into that condition.Hullo,what's this?'<br></p> <p>He was holding the letter only a few centimetres from his eyes.<br></p> <p>'Well?'I ashed.<br></p> <p>'Nothing,'he said,and threw the letter down.'Now,Sir Henry,have you anything else to tell us?'<br></p> <p>'No,'said Sir Henry.'Except that I have lost one of my shoes.I put a pair outside my door last night.I wanted the ho tel to clean them,but when I went to get them this morning,one had gone.I only bought them yesterday,and I have never worn them.But I wanted a good shine on them.'<br></p> <p>'One shoe seems a useless thing to steal,'said Holmes.'I am sure the shoe will be found in the hotel and returned to you.But now we must tell you some things about the Baskerville family.'<br></p> <p>Dr Mortimer took out the old Baskerville papers and read them to Sir Henry.Holmes then told him about the death of Sir Charles.<br></p> <p>'So this letter is from someone who is trying to warn me,or frighten me away,'said Sir Henry.<br></p> <p>'Yes,'said Holmes.'And we have to decide if it is sensible for you to go to Baskerville Hall.There seems to be danger there for you.'<br></p> <p>'There is no man or devil who will stop me from going to the home of my family,'said Sir Henry angrily.'I want some time to think about what you have told me.Will you and Dr Watson join me for lunch at my hotel in two hours'time?By then,I'll be able to tell you what I think.'<br></p> <p>Dr Mortimer and Sir Henry said goodbye,and decided to walk back to their hotel.<br></p> <p>As soon as our visitors had gone,Holmes changed from the talker to the man of action.<br></p> <p>'Quick,Watson.Your coat and hat.We must follow them.'We got ready quickly and went into the street.Our friends were not far ahead of us and we followed.We stayed about a hundred metres behind them.<br></p> <p>Suddenly Holmes gave a cry.I saw a taxi driving along very slowly on the other side of the road from our friends.<br></p> <p>'That's our man,Watson!Come along!We'll have a good look at him.'<br></p> <p>I saw a man with a large black beard looking out of the taxi window.He had been following and watching our friends.But when he saw us running towards him,he shouted something to the driver,and the taxi drove off quickly down the road.Holmes looked round for another taxi,but could not see one.He began to run after the first taxi,but it was soon out of sight.<br></p> <p>'Well,I got the number of the taxi,'said Holmes.'So I can find the driver.He may be able to tell us something about his passenger.Would you recognize the man if you saw him again?'<br></p> <p>'Only his beard,'I said.<br></p> <p>'He wanted us to recognize the beard,'said Holmes.'I think it was a false one.'<br></p> <p>摩梯末医生和亨利 巴斯克维尔爵士于次日早上10点钟准时到达。亨利爵士长得短小精悍,身体健康,体态结实。他的面相表明他性格刚强。他穿着一件厚厚的、棕红色布料制成的外衣,他的皮肤还表明他大多数时间是在户外度过的。<br></p> <p> 我为事先预约好了这次会面而感到高兴, 亨利爵士在我们与他们握手致意之后说道。 我需要您的帮助,福尔摩斯先生。我今天早上遇到了一桩奇怪的事情。看看这封信吧。 <br></p> <p>他把一张纸放到了桌上。上面写着: 别前往沼地,不然您将有生命危险。 这些字是从报纸上剪下来的。<br></p> <p> 福尔摩斯先生,您能告诉我这究竟是什么意思,还有究竟是谁对我这么感兴趣吗? 亨利爵士问道。<br></p> <p> 这很有趣, 福尔摩斯说道。 看看这项工作是干得多么拙劣吧。我认为写信人很慌张。为什么呢?也许他是不想让人看见。我想地址是在一个旅馆里写就的。钢笔和墨水都给这人添了麻烦。在写这么短的地址之时,笔尖上的墨水就干了三次。可能是瓶中的墨水很少。私人的钢笔和墨水是决不会被弄到这个地步的。哎呀,这是什么啊? <br></p> <p>他把信拿到离眼睛只有几厘米远的地方。<br></p> <p> 怎么啦? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 没什么, 他说道,扔下了那封信。 那么,亨利爵士,您还有别的事情要告诉我们吗? <br></p> <p> 没有了, 亨利爵士说道。 除了我丢了一只鞋以外。昨晚我把一双鞋放在了门外。我本想让旅馆把它们擦一擦的,可是今早当我去取时有一只不见了。我是昨天才买的这双鞋,我还从未把它们穿上脚呢。我只是想给这双鞋好好地上点油。 <br></p> <p> 一只鞋似乎偷了也没什么用场, 福尔摩斯说道。 我敢肯定这只鞋将在旅馆中找到并归还给您。但是现在我们得将有关巴斯克维尔家族的某些事情告诉给您。 <br></p> <p>摩梯末医生掏出了巴斯克维尔家族的那份古老的手稿,并把它读给亨利爵士听。福尔摩斯接着告诉他有关查尔斯爵士之死的情况。<br></p> <p> 这么说来这封信是出自一位想要警告我或是吓跑我的人之手了, 亨利爵士说道。<br></p> <p> 是的, 福尔摩斯说道。 我们还不得不决定一下让您去巴斯克维尔庄园是否明智。那儿对您来说似乎有危险。 <br></p> <p> 没有任何人或任何恶魔能够阻止我去我家的房子, 亨利爵士生气地讲道。 我需要时间来考虑考虑你们所告诉我的事情。您和华生医生愿意在两小时以后去我住的旅馆和我共进午餐吗?届时,我将告诉您我的想法。 <br></p> <p>摩梯末医生和亨利爵士道别了,而且还决定走回他们下榻的旅馆去。<br></p> <p>我们的客人一走,福尔摩斯就由一个言谈者变成了一个行动者。<br></p> <p> 快,华生!穿戴好你的衣帽。我们得跟着他们。 我们立刻准备完毕并来到了街上。我们的朋友们在我们之前不远处,我们尾随着他们。我们保持在他们身后100米处。<br></p> <p>福尔摩斯突然叫了一声。我看到有一辆出租马车在街道的另一侧、我们的朋友的对面缓缓地前进着。<br></p> <p> 就是那个人,华生!来呀!我们来好好地看看他的样子。 <br></p> <p>我看到有个长着一大绺黑须的男子正从出租马车的窗户里往外看。他一直盯着我们的朋友的行踪。但是,当他看到我们向他跑去时,他便向车夫喊了一句什么,马车然后就顺着这条道飞奔而去了。福尔摩斯四下里张望着,想另找一辆出租马车,可是没有看到有空车。他于是开始追头一辆马车,可是它不久便不见踪影了。<br></p> <p> 哼,我记下车号了, 福尔摩斯说道。 由此我可以找到车夫。他也许可以告诉我们他的乘客的一些情况。要是你再见到那人,你会认出他来吗? <br></p> <p> 我只能认得他的胡须。 <br></p> <p> 他本来便是想叫我们认得他的胡须, 福尔摩斯说道。 我认为那是绺假胡子。 <br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:316
更大的疑团-巴斯克维尔猎犬-英文小说缩写 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>6 更大的疑团 More Mystery<br></p> <p>Later,we went on to Sir Henry's hotel.He was pleased to see us,but rather angry because another of his shoes had disappeared.This time it was one shose of an old pair.I could see that holmes found this both interesting and strange.He thought about it for a few moments,but said nothing ex cept that he did not understand why a second shoe had been stolen.<br></p> <p>At lunch,Sir henry told Holmes that he had decided to go to Baskerville Hall.<br></p> <p>'I think you have decided to do the right thing,'said Holmes.'I know somebody is following you.If someone tries to harm you in London,it will be hard to stop him or catch him afterwards.In the country we have a better chance.'<br></p> <p>Holmes went on to tell them about what we had seen that morning.Then he asked Dr Mortimer if anyone with a large black beard lived in or near Baskerville Hall.<br></p> <p>'Yes,said Dr Mortimer,'Barrymore,Sir Charles'butler,has a black heard.'<br></p> <p>'We must check whether Barrymore is in London or at Baskerville Hall,'said Holmes.'I shall send a telegram to Bar rymore at the Hall,which will say: Is everything ready for Sir Henry? Then I'll send another telegram to the local post of fice.This one will say: please put telegram to Mr Barrymore into his own hand.If he is away,please return telegram to Sir Henry Baskerville. I'll give your address at this hotel.We shall know before evening whether Barrymore is in Devonshire or not.'<br></p> <p>'Barrymore and his wife have a very fine home and nothing to do while the family is not living in the Hall,'said Sir Henry.<br></p> <p>'That's true,'said Holmes.'Did the Barrymores receive anything from Sir Chades'will?And did they know that they would get some money when he died?'<br></p> <p>'Yes,'said Dr Mortimer.'They each received£500,and Sir Charles told everyone what he had written in his will.'<br></p> <p>'That's very interesting,'said Holmes.<br></p> <p>'I hope you don't suspect everyone who got something from the will,'said Dr Mortimer.'I received£1000.'<br></p> <p>'Indeed!'said Holmes.'And who else received money?'<br></p> <p>'A lot of people received a little money.He gave a lot of money to a number of hospitals.The rest all went to Sir Henry,who received£740000.'<br></p> <p>'I had no idea it was so much,'said Holmes in surprise.<br></p> <p>'The Baskerville lands are worth about one million pounds,' Dr Mortimer said.<br></p> <p>'Dear me,'said Holmes.'A man could kill for that much.One more question.If something happened to our young friend here,who would get Baskerville Hall and all its lands?'<br></p> <p>'Well,as you know,Sir Charles had two brothers.Sir Henry is the only son of Sir Charles'younger brother.The youngest brother of the three,Roger,was a criminal.The police wanted him,so he had to leave England.They say he looked exactly like the family picture of old Sir Hugo,who first saw the Hound.He was the same kind of man,too.He went to South America,where he died of a fever.So if Sir Henry died,Baskerville Hall would go to James Desmond,who is a cousin of the Baskervilles.James Desmond is an old man,who lives in the north of England.His life is very simple and he would not want to be rich.'<br></p> <p>'Thank you,Dr Mortimer,'said Holmes.'Now,Sir Henry,I agree that you should go to Baskerville Hall as quickly as pos sible.But you must not go alone.I myself cannot leave London at the present time.I am working on another case.I am trying to save one of the most important men in England from a diffi cult situation.I hope my friend Watson will go with you.If there is danger,you could not have a better man by your side.'<br></p> <p>Sir Henry and I were both very happy with this idea.So we arranged to travel to Devonshire on the following Saturday.<br></p> <p>Just as we were leaving Sir Henry's room,he gave a cry and got down on his knees by the table.<br></p> <p>'Here's my brown shoe that was lost,'he said,reaching un der the table.<br></p> <p>'That's very strange,'said Dr Mortimer.'We both<br></p> <p>searched the room before lunch,and it wasn't under the table then.'<br></p> <p>None of the people who worked at the hotel could explain how the shoe had got back into the room.<br></p> <p>So we had another mystery.On the way back to Baker Street in the taxi,Holmes sat thinking deeply.All through the afternoon and the evening he went on thinking silently,and smoking pipe after pipe.<br></p> <p>Just before dinner,a telegram arrived.It was from Sir Henry and said:'Have just heard that Barrymore is at the Hall.'<br></p> <p>'So we don't have the answer to the mystery of the man with the beard,'said Holmes.'But perhaps we shall soon have an answer to another question.'<br></p> <p>At that moment the door bell rang.It was the driver of the bearded man's taxi.<br></p> <p>'I got a message that you wanted to see me,'said the driver.'I hope there's nothing wrong.'<br></p> <p>'No,no,my good man,'said Holmes.'In fact I'll give you some money if you can answer my questions clearly.Tell me all about the man in your taxi this morning.He was watching this house at ten o'clock and then told you to follow the two gentlemen who came out of it.'<br></p> <p>The taxi driver was surprised at how much Holmes seemed to know.He answered:'The man told me that he was a detec tive,and that I should say nothing about him to anyone.'<br></p> <p>'This is a serious business,'said Holmes,'and you will be in trouble if you try to hide anything.What can you tell me?'<br></p> <p>'The man told me his name,'said the driver.<br></p> <p>Holmes looked like a man who has just won an important game.'That was not very clever of him,'he said.'What was his name?'<br></p> <p>'His name,'said the taxi driver,'was Sherlock Holmes.'<br></p> <p>I have never seen my friend look more surprised Then he laughed loudly.'Tell me where be got into your taxi and everything that happened.'<br></p> <p>We already knew most of what the taxi driver told us.But we learned that after we had lost sight of the taxi,it had gone to Waterloo Station,where the man had caught his train.The taxi driver said that the man was welldressed and had a black beard and pale face.He was about forty and not very tall.The driver did not know the colour of the man's eyes.<br></p> <p>Holmes gave the man a pound,and sent him away.Then he said:<br></p> <p>'We have a very clever enemy,Watson.He is winning the game at the moment.We have no answers at all to the strange things that have happened in London.I hope you are more suc cessful at Baskerville Hall,but I am not happy about sending you there.There is too much danger in this case.'<br></p> <p>之后,我们继续向前走,到了亨利爵士下榻的旅馆。他见到我们很高兴,可是又因他的另一只鞋也失踪了而相当生气。这次丢的是一只旧鞋。我可以看出,福尔摩斯发现这件事既有趣又古怪。他斟酌了片刻,可是除却说明他不明白为何又被偷了一只鞋之外只字未说。<br></p> <p>午餐时,亨利爵士告诉福尔摩斯他已决定去巴斯克维尔庄园。<br></p> <p> 我认为您的决定是正确的, 福尔摩斯说道。 我知道有人在盯您的梢。如果他想在伦敦加害您的话,那我们将很难阻止他或在事后捕获他。但在乡下我们的机会就会大一些了。 <br></p> <p>福尔摩斯接着告诉他们我们早上所见到的事情。然后,他问摩梯末医生巴斯克维尔庄园之内或附近是否住有留着又黑又长的胡子的人。<br></p> <p> 有的, 摩梯末医生道。 白瑞摩,查尔斯爵士的总管,就留着黑胡子。 <br></p> <p> 我们必须验证一下白瑞摩此时是在伦敦还是在巴斯克维尔庄园里, 福尔摩斯说道。 我将给在巴斯克维尔庄园的白瑞摩发封电报,就说: 是否已为亨利爵士准备好了一切? 然后,我再给当地的邮局发封电报。这上面就说: 发给白瑞摩先生的电报务交其本人。如若不在,请寄回亨利 巴斯克维尔爵士。 我则把您下榻的这个旅馆的地址附上。晚上以前我们便会知道白瑞摩在不在德文郡了。 <br></p> <p> 我们家的人不住在庄园里时白瑞摩和他妻子可就有很好的住处而又闲着无事可做了, 查尔斯爵士说道。<br></p> <p> 那是实情, 福尔摩斯道。 白瑞摩夫妇从查尔斯爵士的遗嘱得到了什么没有?他们是否知道他一死他们就能拿到一笔钱呢? <br></p> <p> 是的, 摩梯末医生说道。 他俩每人得了500英镑;查尔斯爵士生前还将遗嘱的内容告诉了众人。 <br></p> <p> 这事很有意思, 福尔摩斯说道。<br></p> <p> 我希望您不要对每一位从查尔斯爵士的遗嘱那儿得到好处的人都加以怀疑, 摩梯末医生说道。 我得了1000英镑呢。 <br></p> <p> 是嘛! 福尔摩斯说道。 那么还有谁也得到钱了呢? <br></p> <p> 许多人得到了一小笔款子。他把许多钱给了许多家医院。余产全归亨利爵士所有。他得了74万英镑。 <br></p> <p> 我真没想到会有这么多, 福尔摩斯惊讶地说道。<br></p> <p> 巴斯克维尔家族的地产价值大约一百万英镑, 摩梯末医生说道。<br></p> <p> 天啊, 福尔摩斯说道。 一个人为了这个会杀人的。还有一个问题,假若我们的这位年轻朋友发生不测的话,那么将由谁来继承巴斯克维尔庄园及其地产呢? <br></p> <p> 哦,如您所知,查尔斯爵士有两个兄弟。亨利爵士是查尔斯爵士的弟弟的独生子。兄弟三人中最小的那个罗杰是个罪犯。警察局想缉拿他,于是他不得不离开了英国。人们说他长得和家中的老雨果爵士即最初见到那个猎犬的那位的画像一模一样。他和雨果还是同一类人。他去了南美,在那儿死于黄热病。因此,要是亨利爵士不在了的话,巴斯克维尔庄园将归他的表兄詹姆斯 戴斯蒙所有。詹姆斯 戴斯蒙年事已高,住在英格兰北部。他的生活非常简朴,也不想成为富豪。 <br></p> <p> 谢谢您,摩梯末医生。 福尔摩斯说道。 现在,亨利爵士,我同意您尽快前往巴斯克维尔庄园了。可是,您决不能单独去。我目前尚不能离开伦敦。我正在办理另一宗案子。我正在想方设法制止英格兰的一位极其重要的人士陷于危险的处境之中。我希望我的朋友华生能与您一同前往。如果您的情况危急,则没有比他更好的人选陪在您身边了。 <br></p> <p>我和亨利爵士对这个主意都感到很高兴。因此我们安排在接下来的星期六动身前往德文郡。<br></p> <p>就在我们正要离开亨利爵士的房间时,他叫喊了一声并在桌边跪下了。<br></p> <p> 这正是我丢了的那只棕色的鞋子, 他说道,同时把手伸向桌子底下。<br></p> <p> 那真是太怪了, 摩梯末医生说道。 午饭前我们已查找过这屋子了,那时它还不在桌子底下。 <br></p> <p>旅馆里的工作人员谁也解释不清这只鞋是如何回到房间里来的。<br></p> <p>这样我们又有了一个疑团。我们乘出租马车回贝克街时,福尔摩斯一直在坐着沉思。整个下午乃至傍晚他都一声不吭地思考着,抽了一烟斗又一烟斗的烟。<br></p> <p>就是晚饭前,来了一封电报。那是亨利爵士发来的,上面说: 顷悉白瑞摩现在庄园。 <br></p> <p> 因此,我们并没有找到关于那个蓄胡须的人的疑团的答案, 福尔摩斯说道。 可是,我们没准很快便会找到另一个疑团的答案。 <br></p> <p>这时门铃响了。来者是蓄胡子的那人乘坐的那辆出租马车的车夫。<br></p> <p> 我接到通知说您想见我, 车夫说道。 我希望我没有什么做错之处。 <br></p> <p> 没有,没有,好伙计。 福尔摩斯说道。 如果你能清楚地回答我的问题,事实上我就会给你一些钱。告诉我今早乘坐你的马车的那个人的所有情况。他在10点时监视这幢房子,后来又让你尾随从这儿出来的两位绅士来着。 <br></p> <p>车夫对福尔摩斯看似掌握了很多情况而感到惊诧。他回答道: 那人曾对我说他是位侦探,还对我说不许对任何人讲关于他的事情。 <br></p> <p> 这是一件很严重的事情, 福尔摩斯说道。 如果你想对我隐瞒什么的话,你就要倒霉了。你能告诉我什么呢? <br></p> <p> 这人告诉了我他的名字, 车夫说道。<br></p> <p>福尔摩斯就像刚刚赢得了一场重大比赛的人一样。 那他可真不太精明, 他说道。 他(说他)叫什么名字啊? <br></p> <p> 他的名字, 车夫说道, 是歇洛克 福尔摩斯。 <br></p> <p>我从来没有看到我的朋友那样吃惊过。然后,他纵声大笑起来。 告诉我他在什么地方搭上你的车的以及都发生了些什么事情。 <br></p> <p>车夫告诉我们的大多数事情我们都已经知道了。可是我们还得知,在我们那时看不见了马车之后,马车去了滑铁卢车站,那个人在那儿上了火车。车夫说那人衣着考究,留着黑胡须,脸色苍白。他大约四十岁年纪,身材不算太高。车夫不知道那人的眼珠的颜色。<br></p> <p>福尔摩斯给了他一英镑,然后把他打发走了。接着他说道:<br></p> <p> 我们这次搞上了个狡猾的对手,华生。目前来看他是赢了。我们对在伦敦发生的那些怪事毫无答案。我希望你在巴斯克维尔庄园要顺当些,可是派你去那儿我可真是不放心。这宗案子有着太多的危险。 <br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:317
巴斯克维尔庄园-巴斯克维尔猎犬-中英文对照 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>7 巴斯克维尔庄园 Baskerville Hall<br></p> <p>Holmes came to Waterloo Station to say goodbye to us.Our friends told him that they were sure nobody had followed them since our last meeting.Sir Henry's other shoe had not reappeared.Holmes repeated his warning that Sir Hen ry should not go on the moor at night,and should not go any where alone.Then Holmes checked with me that I had my gun,an army revolver.<br></p> <p>The journey was fast and enjoyable.We were met at New town Station and driven to Baskerville Hall.The countryside we drove through was beautiful,but behind it we could see the long,dark,frightening hills of the moor.<br></p> <p>As we turned a corner,we were surprised to see a soldier on horseback.He was carrying a gun.<br></p> <p>Dr Mortimer asked our driver why the soldier was there.<br></p> <p>'A dangerous criminal has escaped from the prison,sir,'he told us.'He's been free for three days now,and people are frightened.His name is Selden.He's the man who did that murder in London.'<br></p> <p>I remembered the case well.It had been a very cruel murder.I thought of this killer out on the empty,wild moor,and I felt more and more uncomfortable about my surroundings.The beautiful green fields with their thick hedges were behind us,and we were now on the cold,open moor.Everything was grey,hard and wild Huge rough stones stood on the hard ground.The tops of the hills stood sharply like cruel teeth against the sky.A cold wind was blowing,and night was falling.I saw Sir Henry pull his coat closer round him.<br></p> <p>At last we reached the gates of Baskerville Hall.From the gates a long,dark road led up to the house,with the black shapes of old trees on each side of it.At the end of this road we could see the great house standing with a pale light round it like a ghost.<br></p> <p>'I can understand why my uncle felt that trouble was com ing to him here.It's not a welcoming place,'said Sir Henry,and his voice shook as he spoke.<br></p> <p>As we got closer,we could see that the Hall was a heavy,dark building with a large main entrance.Most of the building was old and was covered in dark green ivy,but some of it had been built more recently and was of grim,black stone.A dull light shone through the heavy windows.Black smoke was com ing from one of the high chimneys of the main building.<br></p> <p>'Welcome,Sir Henry!Welcome to Baskerville Hall.'<br></p> <p>Barrymore,the butler,and his wife were waiting on the steps at the main entrance They came down and took our suit cases into the house Dr Mortimer left us to go home,and we went into the hall,where a fire was burning.It was a fine room,large and high.<br></p> <p>'It's exactly as I imagined an old family home,'Sir Henry said.<br></p> <p>Barrymore showed us to our rooms He was a tall,handsome man,with a full black beard.After we had washed and changed our clothes,he brought us to dinner.The diningroom was not very welcoming.It needed more lights to make it brighter.On the walls were the pictures of the Baskervilles of the past.They looked down on us silently,and did nothing to make us feel happier.<br></p> <p>After dinner we went to our rooms.Before I got into bed,I looked out of my window A strong wind sang sadly as it bent the trees in front of the Hall.A half moon shone through the dark,flying clouds onto the wild and empty moor.<br></p> <p>I could not sleep.Then,suddenly,in the middle of the night I heard very clearly the sound of a woman crying.It was the crying of a person who was hurt by some deep sadness.The sound was not far away,and was certainly in the house.<br></p> <p>福尔摩斯来滑铁卢车站向我们道别。我们的朋友们告诉他,他们敢肯定,自从上次见面以来就再也没有人跟踪过他们了。亨利爵士的另一只鞋没有再冒出来过。福尔摩斯再次警告亨利爵士不要在夜间到沼地上去,也不要单独去什么地方。接着,福尔摩斯又和我查看了一下我随身带的那把左轮手枪。<br></p> <p>旅行迅速而又愉快。有人在纽敦车站迎接我们,并用车把我们送到了巴斯克维尔庄园。我们驱车经过的乡间景色很美,可是我们能看得到远处的沼地上的那些绵长、黝黑和令人惊恐的沼地山丘。<br></p> <p>在拐弯处,我们惊奇地看到一个骑在马上的士兵。他拿着一杆枪。<br></p> <p>摩梯末医生向车夫询问了那个士兵在那里的缘由。<br></p> <p> 一个危险的罪犯越狱逃跑了,先生。 他告诉我们, 他已经逃出来三天了。他叫塞尔登。就是在伦敦杀人的那个家伙。 <br></p> <p>那个案子我记得很清楚。杀人手段非常残忍。我想到了在这片空旷、荒芜的沼地上活动着的这个凶手,愈来愈觉得周围的环境叫人不安。那些长着茂密的树篱的、美丽的、绿色的田野已经被奔驰的马车甩在我们身后了,我们现在到了既寒冷又空旷的沼地上。这里的一切都灰蒙蒙、硬梆梆的,又很荒芜。坚硬的地面上竖立着粗糙的巨石。山顶很尖,在天空的衬托下好像一排排獠牙。正刮着冷飕飕的风,夜幕正在降临。我看到亨利爵士把大衣裹得更紧了些。<br></p> <p>我们终于到了巴斯克维尔庄园的门口。大门那儿有一条漫长而又阴暗的路径通向房屋,道路的两旁是一些老树的暗影。我们在道路的尽头处看到一所像幽灵似地闪着微光的房屋。<br></p> <p> 我能理解伯父为何在这儿时总是觉得要大难临头了。这并非一个友好的地方。 亨利爵士说道,讲话时声音都在颤抖着。<br></p> <p>我们走近时,看到这是一栋结实而又幽暗、主入口处很大的建筑。建筑物的大部分都很古老了,墙壁上爬满了深绿色的常春藤;可是某些部分却是最近刚砌成的,材料是一些阴森的黑色石块。阴暗的光线从结实的窗口透出来。黑烟从主楼的一个高高的烟囱里喷了出来。<br></p> <p> 欢迎欢迎,亨利爵爷!欢迎您到巴斯克维尔庄园来! <br></p> <p>总管白瑞摩和妻子正在主入口处的台阶上恭候着我们。他们走下来,把我们的行李箱提到了屋里。摩梯末医生离开我们回家去了。我们便进了大厅,那儿炉火正熊熊燃烧着。那是个华美的房间,又大又高。<br></p> <p> 这正是我想像中的一个古老的家族的宅邸, 亨利爵士说道。<br></p> <p>白瑞摩把我们带到了各自的房间。他是个高大、英俊的男子,留着满腮的黑胡子。在我们洗漱之后,他带我们去进餐。饭厅不太招人喜欢。需要再点些蜡烛把它照亮些。墙上是巴斯克维尔家族的先辈们的画像。它们消无声息地俯视着我们,丝毫没让我们感觉快活一些。<br></p> <p>晚饭过后我们便各自回房去了。我在上床之前向窗外眺望了一番。强风在外面悲鸣,同时还使庄园前面的树木摇晃着。半轮月亮透过阴暗的、飞奔的云朵照到了荒凉、空旷的沼地上。<br></p> <p>我无法入睡。后来,突然之间,我在深夜里清楚地听到了一个女人的哭泣声。那哭声是一个陷入深深的悲伤之中的人发出的。声音就在不远处,可以肯定就在这栋房子里。<br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:319
格林盆宅邸的斯台普顿兄妹-巴斯克维尔猎犬 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>8 格林盆宅邸的斯台普顿兄妹 The Stapletons of Pen House<br></p> <p>The next morning was sunny,and we were much more cheerful.<br></p> <p>I told Sir Henry about the crying I had heard.He rang the bell to call Barrymore,and asked him if he could explain the crying.Barrymore's face went white when he heard Sir Henry's question.<br></p> <p>'There are only two women in the house,Sir Henry,'he an swered.'One is the maid,who sleeps on the other side of the house.The other is my wife,and she was certainly not crying.'<br></p> <p>But he was telling a lie.I saw Mrs Barrymore after breakfast.The sun was full on her face,and it was clear she had been crying.<br></p> <p>Why had Barrymore lied?What deep sadness had made his wife cry?There was a mystery surrounding this black bearded,handsome man.Was it possible that Barrymore was in fact the man who had been watching Sir Henry in London?I decided I must check with the local post office that the tele gram had really been put into Barrymore's own hands.<br></p> <p>While Sir Henry worked at some papers,I walked to the post office.It was in the nearest village,which was called Grimpen.I spoke to the boy who had taken the telegram to the Hall.<br></p> <p>'Did you give it to Mr Barrymore himself?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'Well,'the boy said,'he was working upon the roof,so I couldn't give it to him.I gave it to Mrs Barrymore,and she promised to give it to him at once.'<br></p> <p>'Did you see Mr Barrymore?'I asked him.<br></p> <p>'No,'said the boy,'but why did his wife say he was upon the roof if he wasn't?'<br></p> <p>It was hopeless to ask any more questions.It was clear that Holmes' cleverness with the telegram had not given us the proof we needed.<br></p> <p>I was walking away from the post office when I heard some one running after me.A voice called me by name,and I turned.I expected to see Dr Mortimer,as I knew nobody else in the village.To my surprise it was a stranger.He was a small,thin man,between thirty and forty years old,with fair hair and no beard.He was carrying a butterfly net,and a box for putting butterflies in.<br></p> <p>'I hope you will excuse me for introducing myself,Dr Wat son,'he said as he came up to me.'My name is Stapleton.I was in Dr Mortimer's house and we saw you.He told me who you are.May I walk along with you? This path back to the Hall goes near my home,Pen House.Please come in and meet my sister,and spend an hour with us.'<br></p> <p>I accepted Stapleton's invitation,and we walked together.<br></p> <p>'I know that you are a close friend of Sherlock Holmes,'said Stapleton.'Has Mr Holmes any ideas about Sir Charles death?'<br></p> <p>'I'm afraid I can't answer that question,'I said.<br></p> <p>'Will Mr Holmes visit us himself?'he asked.<br></p> <p>'He can't leave London at the moment,'I answered.I was rather surprised that he was asking me these questions<br></p> <p>We walked on.Stapleton told me that he and his sister had lived in Devonshire for only two years.They had moved there soon after Sir Charles had begun to live in Baskerville Hall.He also talked about the moor and how it interested him.He told me to look across the moor to a place which was a bright green colour.<br></p> <p>'That is the Great Grimpen Marsh,'he said 'If animals or men go into the marsh,they will sink into it and die.But I can find my way to the very centre of it.Look,there is another of those poor horses.'<br></p> <p>Something brown was fighting to get out of the bright green of the marsh.Then a terrible cry came across the moor.The horse's head and neck disappeared under the green.<br></p> <p>'It's gone,'Stapleton said.'The marsh has caught and killed it.That often happens.It is an evil place,the Great Grimpen Marsh.'<br></p> <p>'But you say you can go safely in and out of it?'I asked him.<br></p> <p>'Yes,there are a few paths,and I have found them.The low hills you can see are like islands surrounded by the marsh.That is where I can find the unusual plants and butterflies.And that's why I found my way through the marsh.'<br></p> <p>'I shall try my luck one day,'I said.<br></p> <p>He looked at me in surprise.'Please don't try,'he said.'You would never return alive,and it would be my fault.'<br></p> <p>'Listen,'I said.'What is that?'<br></p> <p>A long,low cry,very deep and very sad,came over the moor.It filled the whole air.Then it died away.<br></p> <p>'What is it?'I asked,with a cold fear in my heart.<br></p> <p>Stapleton had a strange look on his face.'The people say it's the Hound of the Baskervilles,which is calling for some thing to hunt and kill.I've heard it once or twice before,but never so loud.'<br></p> <p>'You are a man of science,'I said.'You don't believe that,do you?Isn't there a natural explanation for the sound?'<br></p> <p>'A marsh makes strange noises sometimes.It is the water and the wet ground moving.'<br></p> <p>'But that was the voice of a living creature,'I said.<br></p> <p>'Well,perhaps it was.There are some very unusual birds on the moors.It was most probably the cry of one of those.'<br></p> <p>At that moment a small butterfly flew across the path in front of us.'Excuse me,Dr Watson,'shouted Stapleton,and ran off to try to catch the butterfly.He ran quickly and fol lowed the butterfly on to the marsh,but he knew exactly where he could go,and was not in any danger.<br></p> <p>As I watched him,I heard the sound of steps behind me.I turned and saw a woman near me on the path.I was sure she was Miss Stapleton.She was very beautiful.She was dark and tall,with a lovely face.Before I could say anything,she said:<br></p> <p>'Go back!Go straight back to London,immediately.I can not tell you why,but please do what I ask you,and never come near the moor again.But my brother is coming.Not a word to him.'<br></p> <p>Stapleton had caught the butterfly,and was walking bath to us.<br></p> <p>'Hello,my dear,'he said to his sister,but it seemed to me that his voice was not completely friendly.'I see that you two have already introduced yourselves.'<br></p> <p>'Yes,'she said.'I was telling Sir Henry that it was rather late in the year for him to see the true beauty of the moor.'<br></p> <p>'I am sorry,'I said.'You have made a mistake.I'm not Sir Henry.I am a friend who is visiting him,and my name is Dr Watson.'<br></p> <p>Miss Stapleton was clearly angry with herself.'I'm sorry,' she said.'Please forget what I said.But do come with us to our house.'<br></p> <p>The house was lonely and rather grim.I wondered why the two of them had come to live so far away from anyone else.Stapleton seemed to know what I was thinking,and said:'You may think this a lonely,strange place to live,but the moors are very interesting,and we enjoy it here.I owned a school in the north of England,but I had to close it.I miss the boys and girls but thefe is plenty to do here,and we have good neighbours.I hope Sir Henry will become one of tnem.May I visit the Hall this afternoon to meet him,do you think?'<br></p> <p>'I'm sure he will be very pleased to meet you,'I said.'I must go back to the Hall now,and I shall tell him immediately.'<br></p> <p>I said goodbye to the Stapletons,and continued on the path back to the Hall.I had been walking for only a few minutes when I was surprised to see Miss Stapleton sitting on a rock ahead of me.She was breathing quickly,and I realized she had run by a quicker way to get ahead of me.<br></p> <p>'Dr Watson,'she said.'I want to say sorry for the mistake I made.I thought you were Sir Henry.Please forget what I said.I did not mean you were in danger.Now I must go,or my brother will miss me.'<br></p> <p>'I cannot forget your words,Miss Stapleton,'I said.'If Sir Henry is in danger,I must tell him.'<br></p> <p>'You know the story of the Hound?'she asked me.<br></p> <p>'Yes,but I do not believe it,'I replied.<br></p> <p>'But I think it's true,'she said.'Please persuade Sir Henry to leave this place.So many of his family have died here mys teriously.He must not put his life in danger by staying here.'<br></p> <p>'Sir Henry won't leave this place without a real reason,'I said.<br></p> <p>'I can't give you a real reason.I don't know anything for certain.'<br></p> <p>'One more question,Miss Stapleton,'I said.'The story of the Hound is well known.Why didn't you want your brother to hear what you said?'<br></p> <p>'My brother wants the head of the Baskerville family to live in the Hall,'she said.'He wants Sir Henry to continue the good work that Sir Charles began.He doesn't want Sir Henry to go and live in another place.So he doesn't want me to talk about the Hound.I must go now,or my brother will guess I have been speaking to you.Goodbye!'<br></p> <p>She turned and went back towards her house,and I walked on to Baskerville Hall.<br></p> <p>第二天早上阳光明媚,我们也就觉得心情舒畅些了。<br></p> <p>我对亨利爵士讲述了我所听到的哭声这件事。他摇铃把白瑞摩叫来,问他可否解释哭声的事。听到亨利爵士的问题时白瑞摩变得脸色煞白。<br></p> <p> 亨利爵爷,这个房子里只有两个女人, 他回答道。 一位是女仆,她睡在对面厢房里。另一位就是我的妻子,她当然没有哭了。 <br></p> <p>但是他在撒谎。早饭后我见到了白瑞摩夫人。阳光普照在她的脸上,清楚地表明她曾哭过。<br></p> <p>白瑞摩为何要撒谎呢?是什么样的至深的悲伤曾使他的妻子哭泣呢?这个蓄着黑须的英俊男人的周围萦绕着一团疑云。白瑞摩有可能其实就是在伦敦监视亨利爵士的那个人吗?我决定与当地邮局核实一番,看看那封电报是否送到了白瑞摩手中。<br></p> <p>在亨利爵士处理一些文件时,我便步行去了邮局。它在距此最近的一个名叫格林盆的村庄里。我对把电报投送到庄园的那个男孩说起话来。<br></p> <p> 你把它交给白瑞摩先生本人了吗? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 啊, 小男孩说道, 他当时正在屋顶上忙乎,所以我便把它交给了白瑞摩太太,她还答应马上就把它交给他。 <br></p> <p> 你看到白瑞摩先生了吗? 我问他。<br></p> <p> 没看到, 男孩说, 要是他不在屋顶上他妻子干嘛要说他在呢? <br></p> <p>再继续问下去也是无望的了。很清楚,福尔摩斯在电报上所施的高招并未给我们提供所需的证据。<br></p> <p>我从邮局出来正往前走着,这时听到身后有人在跑。有人叫我的名字,我便转过身去。因为我在村里并不认识别人,所以我料想着看到的应是摩梯末医生。令我感到吃惊的是,那是位陌生人。他是个矮小瘦削的男人,大约三四十岁年纪,长着淡黄色头发,还没有蓄胡子。他拿着一个捕蝶网和一个用来装蝴蝶的盒子。<br></p> <p> 我希望您会原谅我的冒昧,华生医生, 他走到我跟前对我说道。 我叫斯台普顿。当我在摩梯末医生家拜访他时,我们瞥见了您。他就把您告诉给了我。我可以与您同行吗?回庄园的这条路正在格林盆宅邸即我的家附近。请进来见见我妹妹,并与我们呆一会儿。 <br></p> <p>我接受了斯台普顿的邀请,于是我们便同步而行。<br></p> <p> 我知道您是歇洛克 福尔摩斯的亲密的朋友, 斯台普顿讲道。 福尔摩斯先生对查尔斯爵士的死有些看法了吗? <br></p> <p> 我恐怕不能回答这个问题, 我说道。<br></p> <p> 福尔摩斯先生是否将亲自来这儿光临我们呢? 他问道。<br></p> <p> 目前他还不能离开伦敦, 我回答道。我对他问我这些问题感到很惊讶。<br></p> <p>我们继续前行。斯台普顿告诉我说,他和他妹妹在德文郡住了两年光景。查尔斯爵士刚住进巴斯克维尔庄园没有多久,他们便搬到那儿了。他还谈到了沼地及其如何激发起他的兴趣的事情。他让我朝沼地的尽头看以眺望一处呈嫩绿色的地方。<br></p> <p> 那就是格林盆大泥潭, 他说道。 如果人畜踏进这片泥潭的话,就会陷进去送命的。但是我却能找到通往泥潭中心的道路。瞧,又一匹倒霉的马儿陷进去了。 <br></p> <p>有个棕色的东西正在竭力挣扎着,想要从那片嫩绿色的泥潭中挣脱出来。接着,从沼地传来一声可怕的吼声。马的头和颈消失在那片绿色之下了。<br></p> <p> 它完了, 斯台普顿道。 泥潭已把它给吞没了。这种情形经常发生。格林盆大泥潭可真是个邪恶的地方。 <br></p> <p> 但是您不是说您能安全地进出其中吗? 我向他问道。<br></p> <p> 是啊,其中有几条道,我都找到了。您所能看到的那些小山就像是被泥潭环绕着的小岛一样。那便是我能觅到稀有植物和稀世蝴蝶的处所。而且那便是我为何能在泥潭中找到了路的原因。 <br></p> <p> 某天我也去碰碰运气, 我说道。<br></p> <p>他带着惊讶的神情看着我。 千万别去试, 他说道。 您是不会活着回来的。那样就是我的错了。 <br></p> <p> 听听, 我说道。 是什么东西? <br></p> <p>一声又低又长、非常深沉、相当悲惨的叫声传遍了整个沼地。它响彻空中,接着便消逝了。<br></p> <p> 这是什么? 我问道,心里害怕得直打冷战。<br></p> <p>斯台普顿的脸上带着一种奇怪的神色。 人们说这是巴斯克维尔猎犬,它正在召唤猎物。我以前曾听到过一两次,可是声音从没有这么大过。 <br></p> <p> 您是位科学工作者, 我说道。 谅您也不会相信这些,是吧?难道对这种声音就没有一个符合自然规律的解释吗? <br></p> <p> 泥潭有时会发出奇怪的声音。这是由于水和稀泥在移动。 <br></p> <p> 可是那是动物发出的声音呀。 <br></p> <p> 啊,也许是。沼地上有些稀有鸟类。极有可能是其中某一只的叫声。 <br></p> <p>那时,一只小蝴蝶从我们面前飞过。 对不起,华生医生, 斯台普顿高喊着,同时跑开捉蝴蝶去了。他飞快地跑着,随着那只蝴蝶到了泥潭中,但是他知道自己的脚该落在哪儿,因此便没有什么危险。<br></p> <p>正当我注视着他的时侯,我听到了身后的脚步声。我转过身去,看到路上离我不远处有一个女子。我敢肯定她便是斯台普顿小姐。她人很漂亮,肤色很深,身材纤长。我还没来得及开口说话,她便说道:<br></p> <p> 回去吧!马上回到伦敦去。我不能告诉您缘由,可是请照我说的去做,千万不要再靠近沼地了。但是,我哥哥来了。对他什么也别说。 <br></p> <p>斯台普顿已抓到了那只蝴蝶,正向我们这边走回来。<br></p> <p> 你好,我亲爱的, 他对他妹妹说道,可是就我看来他的语气并不怎么友好。 我看得出来你们俩已经做过自我介绍了。 <br></p> <p> 是啊, 她说道。 我正和亨利爵士说,他来得太晚了,已经看不到沼地的真正美丽之处了。 <br></p> <p> 我很抱歉, 我说道。 您弄错了。我不是亨利爵士。我是来拜访他的一位朋友,我是华生医生。 <br></p> <p>斯台普顿小姐显然对自己很懊恼。 我很抱歉, 她说道。 请忘掉我所说的话。可是,您一定得和我们一道去屋里坐坐。 <br></p> <p>这所房屋既偏僻又相当阴森。我纳闷他们俩为何到这种与他人相隔甚远的地方来居住。斯台普顿似乎知道我在想些什么,于是便说道: 您可能认为这儿要住人的话偏僻和奇特了些,可是这些沼地相当有趣,我们在这儿过得也很快活。我曾在英格兰北部办过一所学校,但是后来被迫关闭了。我很怀念那些孩子们,但在此处有许多事情都有待去做,而且我们还有很好的邻居们。我希望亨利爵士也会成为其中的一员。您认为我今天下午可否冒昧地去庄园拜访一下他呢? <br></p> <p> 我敢说他一定会高兴见到您的, 我说道。 我现在得回庄园去了,我还打算立刻告诉他这个消息。 <br></p> <p>我与斯台普顿兄妹道了别,继续沿着回庄园的那条路向前走。没走几分钟便惊奇地看到斯台普顿小姐正坐在我前边的一块岩石上。她呼吸急促,我意识到她是为了赶在我前面而抄近路跑来的。<br></p> <p> 华生医生, 她说道。 因我所犯的错误,我想向您致以深深的歉意。我竟把您当成亨利爵士了。请忘掉我说过的话。我当时并不是说您有危险。现在我得走了,否则的话我哥哥就要挂念我了。 <br></p> <p> 我不会忘记您的话语的,斯台普顿小姐, 我说道。 如果亨利爵士有危险的话,那我就得告诉他。 <br></p> <p> 您知道那个猎犬的故事吧? 她对我问道。<br></p> <p> 知道,但是我并不相信它, 我应答道。<br></p> <p> 可是我认为它是真实的, 她说道。 请劝说亨利爵士离开这个地方。他家族中的那么多人都在这儿神秘地死去了。他不应该因呆在这儿而让自己冒生命危险。 <br></p> <p> 没有真正的理由的话亨利爵士是不会离开此地的, 我说道。<br></p> <p> 我给不出真正的理由。我并非确切地知道某些事情。 <br></p> <p> 还有一个问题,斯台普顿小姐, 我说道。 猎犬的故事是众所周知的。您为何不愿让您哥哥听到您所说的话呢? <br></p> <p> 我哥哥想让巴斯克维尔家族的主人在这个庄园里住下来, 她说道。 他想叫亨利爵士把查尔斯爵士开创的慈善工作继续下去。他不想让亨利爵士去别处居住。因此他不想让我谈论猎犬的事情。我现在得走了,否则的话我哥哥就会猜到我是在同您谈话了。再见! <br></p> <p>她转身往回走去,我便继续向巴斯克维尔庄园走去。<br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:318
出逃的囚犯-巴斯克维尔猎犬-英汉对照小说 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>9 出逃的囚犯 The Escaped Prisoner<br></p> <p>Mr Stapleton came to the Hall and met Sir Henry that same afternoon.The next morning he took us to the place where the evil Sir Hugo died.Then we had lunch at the House.Sir Henry clearly thought Miss Stapleton was very beautiful.His eyes followed her everywhere.He liked her very much,and I was sure that she felt the same about him.He spoke about her again and again as we walked home.After the first meeting,we met the Stapletons almost every day.<br></p> <p>After a short time it was clear that Sir Henry had fallen deeply in love with the beautiful Miss Stapleton.At first I thought that Stapleton would be very pleased if his sister mar ried Sir Henry.However,I soon realized that he did not want their friendship to grow into love.He did everything he could to make sure that they were never alone.On one or two occa sions they did manage to meet alone,but Stapleton followed them and was not pleased to see them together.<br></p> <p>I soon met another neighbour of Sir Henry's.His name was Mr Frankland,and he lived about four miles to the south of the Hall.He was an old man with a red face and white hair.He had two hobbies.The first was arguing.He argued with everybody.The second hobby was studying the stars.For this he had a very big telescope.For several days he had been watching the moor through the telescope.He wanted to find Selden,the escaped murderer.Nobody had seen the prisoner for a fortnight,and we all thought that he had probably left the moor.<br></p> <p>A few nights later I was woken by a noise at about two in the morning.I heard someone walking softly outside my door.I got up,opened the door and looked out.I saw Barrymore moving carefully and quietly away from me.I followed him,as quietly as I could.He went into one of the empty bedrooms and left the door open.I went quietly up to the door and looked in side.<br></p> <p>Barrymore was standing at the window.He was holding a light in his hand and looking out onto the moor.He stood without moving for a few minutes and then he put out the light.<br></p> <p>I went quickly back to my room.A few minutes later I heard Barrymore go softly by.<br></p> <p>The next morning I told Sir Henry what I had seen.<br></p> <p>'We must follow him and find out what he is doing,'said Sir Henry.'He won't hear us if we move carefully.'<br></p> <p>That night we sat in Sir Henry's room and waited.At about three o'clock in the morning we heard the sound of footsteps outside the bedroom.We looked out and saw Barrymore.We followed him as quietly as we could.He went into the same room as before.We reached the door and looked in.There was Barrymore,with the light in his hand,looking out across the moor,exactly as I had seen him on the night before.<br></p> <p>Sir Henry walked into the room and said:'What are you do ing here,Barrymore?'<br></p> <p>Barrymore turned round quickly,surprise and horror on his face.<br></p> <p>'Nothing,Sir,'he said.The shadows on the wall from his light were jumping up and down as his hand shook.'It was the window,sir.I go round at night to see that they are closed,and this one wasn't shut.'<br></p> <p>'Come now,Barrymore,'said Sir Henry.'No lies.What were you doing with that light?You were holding it up to the window.'<br></p> <p>I suddenly had an idea.'I think he was sending a message,' I said.'Let's see if there's an answer from someone on the moor.'<br></p> <p>I held the light up to the window,and looked out into the darkness.Suddenly a light answered from the moor.<br></p> <p>'There it is,'I cried.I waved my light backwards and for wards across the window.The light on the moor answered by moving in the same way.<br></p> <p>'Now,Barrymore,who is your friend on the moor?What's going on?'<br></p> <p>'That's my business,'said Barrymore,'I won't tell you.'<br></p> <p>'Are you making some criminal plan against me?'Sir Henry said.<br></p> <p>'No,it's nothing against you,sir,'said a voice behind us.It was Mrs Barrymore.She had followed us and was standing at the door.'He's doing it for me.My unhappy brother is cold and hungry on the moor.We cannot let him die.Our light is to tell him that food is ready for him.His light shows us where to take it.'<br></p> <p>'Then your brother is 'began Sir Henry.<br></p> <p>'The escaped prisoner,sir.Selden,the murderer.He is my younger brother.He has done evil things,but to me he is still the little boy I loved and cared for.I had to help him.Every thing my husband has done has been for me.Please don't take his job from him.It's not his fault.'<br></p> <p>Sir Henry turned to Barrymore and said:<br></p> <p>'I cannot blame you for helping your wife.Go to bed,and we'll talk about this in the morning.'<br></p> <p>The Barrymores left us.<br></p> <p>'The murderer is waiting out there by that light,' said Sir Henry.'He's a danger to everyone.I'm going to catch him.If you want to come with me,Watson,fetch your revolver and let's go.'<br></p> <p>We left the Hall immediately.<br></p> <p>'We must surprise him and catch him.'said Sir Henry.'He's a dangerous man.Now,Watson,what would Holmes say about this?Do you remember what the old papers said? They said the Devil does his work when the world is dark.'<br></p> <p>Just as he spoke there came a strange cry from across the moor.It was the same cry I had heard when I was with Staple ton on the edge of the Great Grimpen Marsh.<br></p> <p>'What is that noise?'asked Sir Henry.He stopped and put his hand on my arm to hold me back.<br></p> <p>'I've heard it before,'I said.'Stapleton says it's the cry of a bird.'<br></p> <p>'Watson,'said Sir Henry,his voice shaking,'it is the cry of a hound.What do the local people say it is?'<br></p> <p>'They say it is the cry of the Hound of the Baskervilles,'I replied.<br></p> <p>'Can there possibly be some truth in the story?'said Sir Henry.'Am I really in danger from such an evil thing?I think I am as brave as most men,but that sound froze my blood.But we have come out to catch that prisoner,and the Devil himself will not make me turn back.'<br></p> <p>It was difficult to cross the moor in the dark,but at last we reached the light.It was standing on a rock.Suddenly an evil face,more like an animal than a man,looked at us from behind the rock.The escaped prisoner saw us and screamed as he turned to run.<br></p> <p>Sir Henry and I were both good runners and very healthy men,but we soon realized that we had no chance of catching Selden.He knew the way,and was running for his life.Soon we had lost him in the dark,so we stopped and sat down,breathing heavily,to rest.<br></p> <p>At that moment a very strange thing happened.The moon was low upon our right,and in its light we could see the top of a hill.On that hill,with the moon behind him,stood a tall,thin man.He was standing perfectly still.He was watching us.<br></p> <p>It was not Selden,who had been running away from that hill.This man was much taller.With a cry of surprise I turned to Sir Henry.As I turned,the man disappeared.<br></p> <p>I wanted to go across to the hill and search for him,but we were tired and I remembered that Sir Henry might be in dan ger.So we went back to Baskerville Hall.<br></p> <p>Who was the tall man I had seen standing against the moon? Was he an enemy,or a friend who was watching over us?<br></p> <p>I wished more and more that Holmes could leave London and come to Baskerville Hall.I wrote to him every few days and gave him the details of everything that happened and everyone I met.<br></p> <p>斯台普顿先生于当日下午前来庄园拜访亨利爵士。第二天早晨,他带着我们去看了那个罪恶的雨果出事的地点。然后,我们在格林盆宅邸吃了午饭。亨利爵士显然认为斯台普顿小姐很漂亮。他的目光一直追随着她。他非常喜欢她,我还敢肯定她对他也有此同感。在我们回家的路上,他屡次谈到了她。自从第一次见面之后,我们便几乎每天都能见到斯台普顿兄妹。<br></p> <p>不久之后,亨利爵士深深地爱上了漂亮的斯台普顿小姐,这点已相当明显了。我起初以为斯台普顿会为他的妹妹与亨利爵士的结合而大为高兴的。然而,我不久之后便意识到他并不想让他们之间的友谊发展为爱情。他想尽办法避免他俩有独处的机会。他们曾有一两次想方设法单独见面了,可是斯台普顿跟踪了他们,见他们在一起时并不高兴。<br></p> <p>我很快又遇到了亨利爵士的另一位邻居。他是福兰克兰先生,住在庄园以南约四英里远的地方。他是一位面色红润、头发银白的老人。他有两个癖好。其一是争辩。他会和所有的人争论一番。其二是研究星相。他为此买了个很大的望远镜。数天来他一直在用这架望远镜注视着沼地。他希望能发现塞尔登,那位逃犯。两周以来没人见过那位囚犯,大家都以为他可能已经离开沼地了。<br></p> <p>几天之后的一个晚上,我在凌晨两点钟左右时被一声响声弄醒了。我听见有人在我的门外轻声走动。我爬起身来,打开房门并向外张望。我看到白瑞摩正小心谨慎而又悄无声息地从我这边走开。我尽量无声无息地跟着他。他走进了一间没人住的卧室并把房门就那么开着。我悄悄地走到房门跟前并向里边瞧去。<br></p> <p>白瑞摩正站在窗户旁。他手里拿着蜡烛,透过窗户盯着外面的沼地。他一动不动地站了几分钟,然后弄灭了蜡烛。<br></p> <p>我赶快回到了我的房中。几分钟之后我听到白瑞摩轻轻地走过我的门口。<br></p> <p>第二天早晨我将我所看到的情景告给了亨利爵士。<br></p> <p> 我们得跟踪他并看看他在干些什么, 亨利爵士说道。 要是我们小心走动的话他是不会听见我们的。 <br></p> <p>那天晚上我们坐在亨利爵士的房间里等着。大约在凌晨3点钟时,我们听到了卧室外面的脚步声。我们向外望去,看到了白瑞摩。我们尽量无声无息地跟踪着他。他同前一次一样,又到了那个房间里。我们来到房门旁边向里望去。白瑞摩手里拿着蜡烛,正望着窗外的沼地。这和我前一天夜里看到的情景一模一样。<br></p> <p>亨利爵士走进屋里并且说道: 你在这里干什么呢,白瑞摩? <br></p> <p>白瑞摩赶快转过身来,脸上露出又惊又怕的神色。<br></p> <p> 没干什么,爵爷, 他说道。由于他的手抖动着,墙壁上烛光里的人影也不停地上下跳动着。 是由于窗户,爵爷。我在夜间巡视是想看看窗户是否都已关好了,而这个窗户并没关好。 <br></p> <p> 得了吧,白瑞摩, 亨利爵士说道。 不要撒谎。你用那个蜡烛干什么?你刚才可是把它举在窗口了。 <br></p> <p>我突然灵机一动。 我想他那时是在传送信号, 我说道。 我们来看一下沼地上是否有人回答信号。 <br></p> <p>我把蜡烛高举向窗口并注视着漆黑的外面。突然之间,一个光点从沼地那边回应着。<br></p> <p> 就在那儿, 我喊道。我在窗户边前后晃动着蜡烛。沼地上的灯光也以同样的方式移动着以回应我们。<br></p> <p> 我说,白瑞摩,沼地上的你的那个朋友是谁?发生着什么事情? <br></p> <p> 那是我个人的事, 白瑞摩说道。 我不会告诉您的。 <br></p> <p> 你是在搞什么阴谋加害我吗? 亨利爵士说道。<br></p> <p> 不,爵爷,不是害您呀! 从我们身后传来了一个声音。此人是白瑞摩太太。她一直跟踪着我们,现在正站在门口。 是为了我他才这么干的。我那不幸的弟弟正在沼地上忍饥受冻。我们不能让他死。这烛光是告诉他食物已经给他准备好了。他那边的灯光则向我们表明我们该把食物送到什么地点。 <br></p> <p> 那么说,你的弟弟是 亨利爵士开口道。<br></p> <p> 是那个潜逃的罪犯,爵爷。塞尔登,那个杀人凶手。他是我弟弟,他干了许多坏事。但是对我来讲他依旧是我曾爱护过的那个小男孩。我得帮他。我丈夫所做的一切都是为了我。请别把他辞掉。这不是他的过错。 <br></p> <p>亨利爵士转向白瑞摩,并说道:<br></p> <p> 你帮你太太的忙,我不能为此怪你。去上床睡觉吧,我们明早再谈这件事。 <br></p> <p>白瑞摩夫妇从我们这儿走开了。<br></p> <p> 那个杀人凶手正在外边的那个亮光旁等着呢, 亨利爵士说道。 他对大家都是个危险。我要去抓住他。如果您想和我一道去的话,华生,那就去取您的左轮手枪,然后咱们就去吧。 <br></p> <p>我们马上离开了庄园。<br></p> <p> 我们必须出其不意地将其抓获, 亨利爵士说道。 他是个危险人物。我说,华生,这样干福尔摩斯会说什么呢?您还记得那份古老的手稿怎么说的吗?说恶魔兴于黑夜。 <br></p> <p>他正说话的当中,沼地上传来了一声奇怪的叫声。就是我在格林盆大泥潭边缘与斯台普顿在一起时听到的那种声音。<br></p> <p> 那是什么声音? 亨利爵士问道。他停下了脚步,抓住我的胳膊把我往回拽。<br></p> <p> 我以前听到过这种声音, 我说道。 斯台普顿说这是一种鸟的叫声。 <br></p> <p> 华生, 亨利爵士说道,他的声音这时颤抖着。 这是猎犬的叫声。当地人把它叫什么呢? <br></p> <p> 他们说这是巴斯克维尔猎犬的叫声, 我回答道。<br></p> <p> 难道那个故事中真有几分真实的成分吗? 亨利爵士说道。 我真的正受到那个邪恶的东西的威胁吗?我认为我与大多数人一样勇敢,可是这个声音使我毛骨悚然。不过,我们是来抓罪犯的,恶魔本人也不能把我吓回头。 <br></p> <p>要在黑暗之中走过沼地是件难事,但是我们最终还是到达了光亮所在之处。蜡烛被搁在了一块岩石之上。突然之间,一张邪恶的、与其说是人长的不如说是野兽般的面孔从岩石后面探出来张望着我们。这个逃犯看到我们便尖叫着转身逃开了。<br></p> <p>我和亨利爵士都是飞毛腿,身体又很健康,可是我们很快便意识到已没机会抓获塞尔登了。他既识路又在逃命。不久之后我们便在黑暗之中看不到他了,因此我们便停下脚步,喘着粗气坐下来休息一番。<br></p> <p>就在那时,发生了一件非常奇怪的事情。月亮低悬在我们右侧的空中,我们在月光下看到一座小山的尖顶。在山顶上站着一个又高又瘦的男子,他背后的天幕上挂着一轮月亮。他一动不动地站着。他正注视着我们。<br></p> <p>此人并非塞尔登,塞尔登已从那座山的旁边跑远了。此人要比他高得多。我惊叫一声,向亨利爵士转过身去。就在我转身时此人便消失了。<br></p> <p>我本想去小山那边搜寻一番的,但是我们已精疲力尽了,我还想到亨利爵士可能有危险。于是我们便回巴斯克维尔庄园去了。<br></p> <p>我所看到的这位背对月亮而站立的高个男人是谁?他是敌人还是密切注视着我们的朋友?<br></p> <p>我越来越希望福尔摩斯能够从伦敦脱身到巴斯克维尔庄园来。每隔不几天我便给他写封信,详尽地告诉他有关这儿所发生的每件事情以及我所见到的每位人士的情况。<br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:316
一封信件-巴斯克维尔猎犬-英文名著 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>10 一封信件 The Letter<br></p> <p>The following day was dull and foggy.The Hall was sur rounded by heavy,low clouds,which opened now and then to show the grim,cold moor and its wet,grey rocks.The weather made us miserable.It was difficult to be cheerful when we felt danger all around us.I thougth of Sir Charles'death,and the awful sound of the hound,which I had now heard twice.Holmes did not believe that there was a supernatural hound.But facts are facts,and I had heard a hound.Was there a huge hound living on the moor?If so,where could it hide?Where did it get its food?Why was it never seen by day? It was almost as difficult to accept a natural explanation as a su pernatural explanation.<br></p> <p>That morning Sir Henry and Barrymore argued about Selden,the escaped prisoner.Barrymore said that it was wrong to try to catch Selden.<br></p> <p>'But the man is dangerous,'said Sir Henry.'He'll do any thing.Nobody is safe until he is in prison again.We must tell the police.'<br></p> <p>'I promise he won't break into any house,'said Barrymore,'and he won't cause any trouble.In a few days he will catch a boat for South America.Please don't tell the police about him.If you tell the police,my wife and I will be in serious trouble.'<br></p> <p>'What do you say,Watson?' asked Sir Henry,turning to me.<br></p> <p>'I don't think he will break into houses,or cause trouble.If he did,the police would know where to look for him and would catch him.He's not a stupid man.'<br></p> <p>'I hope you're right,'said Sir Henry.'I'm sure we're breaking the law.But I don't want to get Barrymore and his wife into trouble,so I shall not tell the police.I shall leave Selden in peace.'<br></p> <p>Barrymore could not find the words to thank Sir Henry enough.Then he said:'You have been so kind to us that I want to do something for you in return.I have never told any one else.I know something more about poor Sir Charles'death.'<br></p> <p>Sir Henry and I jumped up at once.<br></p> <p>'Do you know how he died?'Sir Henry asked.<br></p> <p>'No,sir,I don't know that,but I know why he was waiting at the gate He was going to meet a woman.'<br></p> <p>'Sir Charles was meeting a woman?Who was the woman?'<br></p> <p>'I don't know her name,'Barrymore said,'but it begins with L.L.'<br></p> <p>'How do you know this,Barrymore?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'Well,Sir Charles got a letter on the morning of the day he died.It was from Newtown,and the address was in a woman's writing.I forgot all about it,but some time after Sir Charles died my wife was cleaning the fireplace in his study.She found a letter.Most of it was burned,but the bottom of one page was not burned.On it was written: Please,please,burn this letter,and be at the gate by ten o'clock.L.L. The paper fell into pieces as my wife went to move it.We don't know who L.L.is,but if you could find out,you might learn more about Sir Charles'death.We haven't told anyone else.We felt it would not be good for poor,kind Sir Charles.But we thought we ought to tell you,Sir Henry.'<br></p> <p>The Barrymores left us and Sir Henry turned to me.'If we can find L.L.,the mystery may be at an end,'he said.'What do you think we should do,Watson?'<br></p> <p>'I must write to Holmes at once,'I said,and I went straight to my room and wrote a letter to Holmes,which gave him all the details of Barrymore's story.<br></p> <p>On the following day heavy rain fell without stopping.I put on my coat and went for a long walk on the moor.I thought of Selden out on the cold moor in this weather.And I thought of the other man,the mysterious watcher.<br></p> <p>As I walked,Dr Mortimer drove past me.He stopped and said he would take me back to the Hall.<br></p> <p>'I expect you know almost everybody living near here,'I said.'Do you know a woman whose names begin with the let ters L.L.?'<br></p> <p>Dr Mortimer thought for a minute,and then he said:'Yes,Mrs Laura Lyons.She lives in Newtown.'<br></p> <p>'Who is she?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'She's Mr Frankland's daughter.'<br></p> <p>'What,old Frankland who has the large telescope?'<br></p> <p>'Yes,'said Dr Mortimer.'Laura married a painter called Lyons who came to paint pictures of the moor.But he was cruel to her,and after a while he left her.Her father will not speak to her,because she married against his wishes.So her husband and her father have made her life very unhappy.'<br></p> <p>'How does she live?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'Several people who knew her sad story have helped her.Stapleton and Sir Charles gave her some money.I gave a little myself.She used the money to start a typewriting business.'<br></p> <p>Dr Mortimer wanted to know why I was asking about Mrs Lyons.However,I preferred to keep the reason secret,and we talked about other things for the rest of the journey.<br></p> <p>Only one other thing of interest happened that day.In the evening after dinner I had a few words with Barrymore alone.I asked him whether Selden had left the country.<br></p> <p>'I don't know,sir,'Barrymore replied.'I hope he has gone.But I've not heard anything of him since I last left food and some clothes for him,and that was three days ago.'<br></p> <p>'Did you see him then?'<br></p> <p>'No,sir,but the food and clothes were gone when I next went that way,'Barrymore told me.<br></p> <p>'Then Selden was certainly there?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'I think so,sir,unless the other man took everything.'<br></p> <p>I sat very still and looked hard at Barrymore.'You know there is another man,then?Have you seen him?'<br></p> <p>'No,sir,but Selden told me about him a week or more ago.He is hiding from someone,too,but he is not an escaped prisoner.I don't like it,sir.Something evil is going to happen,I'm sure.Sir Henry would be much safer in London.'<br></p> <p>'Did Selden tell you anything more about the other man?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'He looked like a gentleman.He was living in one of the old stone huts on the moor.A boy works for him and brings him all the food and things he needs.That's all Selden told me.'<br></p> <p>I thanked him,and he left me.I went to the window and looked out at the rain and the clouds.It was a wild night.I knew the huts Barrymore had spoken about.There were many of them on the moor.They had been built many hundreds of years ago by the people who lived on the moor.They would not keep a man warm and dry in bad weather.Selden could not choose to live anywhere else,but why did the other man live in such conditions?<br></p> <p>I sat and thought what I should do next.I decided I must try to find the man who had been watching us.Was he the en emy who had been following us since the very beginning in London? If he was,and I could catch him,perhaps our diffi culties would be at an end.<br></p> <p>I also decided to hunt the man on my own.Sir Henry was still shaken by the terrible cry we had heard on the moor.I did not want to add to his troubles or to lead him into more danger.<br></p> <p>次日阴晦多雾。庄园被低沉的浓雾包围起来。它们时而散开,露出晦暗而又寒冷的沼地及其湿漉漉、灰蒙蒙的岩石。天气使得我们心情沉重。处于危险之中时很难高兴起来。我想起了查尔斯爵士的死,还有猎犬发出的可怕的吼声,这种声音我已听到过两次了。福尔摩斯不相信世上会有一只超乎自然的猎犬存在。但是,事实总归是事实,我本人也听到了猎犬的声音。沼地上确有一只巨大的猎犬吗?假如真有的话,那它藏在什么地方呢?它到哪里去找吃的呢?白天为何没人看到过它呢?合乎自然的解释几乎和超乎自然的解释一样难以叫人接受。<br></p> <p>那天早晨,亨利爵士与白瑞摩就那个逃犯塞尔登而争辩了起来。白瑞摩说去抓塞尔登是件错事。<br></p> <p> 可是此人很危险, 亨利说道。 他什么事情都干得出来。直到他被重新关押起来,大家才会获得安全。我们必须报告警方。 <br></p> <p> 我保证他不会闯进任何人家, 白瑞摩说道, 他也不会惹任何麻烦。几天之后他将乘船去南美。请别向警方告发他。您若报告了警方,我和我妻子就会有很大的麻烦。 <br></p> <p> 华生,您有何高见? 亨利爵士转身向我问道。<br></p> <p> 我认为他不会闯进任何人家或惹任何麻烦。否则的话,警方就会知道该在何处搜寻并抓获他了。他并不是一个蠢货。 <br></p> <p> 我希望您是对的, 亨利爵士说道。 我敢肯定我们现在是在犯法。可是我不想使白瑞摩及其太太陷于困境之中,所以我是不会向警方告发的。我将不再过问塞尔登的事情了。 <br></p> <p>白瑞摩找不出足以用来感谢亨利爵士的话语。接着他说道: 您对我们真是太好了,我因此想报答您一番。有件事我从未对旁人讲过。关于不幸的查尔斯爵爷的死我还知道些别的情况。 <br></p> <p>我和亨利爵士立刻跳起身来。<br></p> <p> 你知道他是怎么死的吗? 亨利爵士问道。<br></p> <p> 不知道,爵爷,那个我可不知道;不过我知道他站在门口等人的缘由。他是为了和一位女士会面。 <br></p> <p> 查尔斯爵士要和一位女士会面?那个女人是谁? <br></p> <p> 我不知道她的姓名, 白瑞摩说道, 但是它是以L.L.开头的。 <br></p> <p> 你是如何知道这个的,白瑞摩? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 啊,查尔斯爵爷在他逝去的那天早上收到了一封来信。这封信发自纽顿,地址还是女人的笔迹。我已把这些忘得一干二净了。但在查尔斯爵爷死去之后过了一段时间时,我妻子去清理他书房内的壁炉。她发现了一封信。大部分信已烧焦了,只有一页信纸的底端还未被烧尽。上面写着: 请您千万将此信烧掉,并在10点钟时到栅门那里去。L.L. 我妻子伸手去碰它时它就变成碎片了。我们不知道谁是L.L.,但是您若能找到那位女士的话,您就会多知道些关于查尔斯爵爷的死的情况了。我们从未把它告诉给别人。我们认为把这件事兜出来对我们的那位可怜的、好心的查尔斯爵爷并没有什么好处。但是我们已觉得应该告诉给您,亨利爵爷。 <br></p> <p>白瑞摩夫妇离开了我们,亨利爵士向我转过身来。 要是我们能够查明L.L.这个人,整个疑团就真相大白了。 他说道, 您认为我们应该干什么呢,华生? <br></p> <p> 我必须马上给福尔摩斯写信, 我说道,于是便径自到房间里给福尔摩斯写信去了。那封信给他提供了白瑞摩所讲的故事的种种细节。<br></p> <p>第二天大雨终日。我穿上外衣,到沼地上长途散步去了。我想到了在这种天气里身处寒冷的沼地的塞尔登。我还想到了另一个人,那个神秘的监视者。<br></p> <p>我正走时,摩梯末医生从我身旁驱车而过。他停了下来,还说他将把我送回庄园。<br></p> <p> 我觉得您认识住在这儿附近的几乎每个人。 我说道, 您认识姓名以L.L.字母开头的女士吗? <br></p> <p>摩梯末医生思考了片刻,然后说道: 认识,有一位劳拉 莱昂丝夫人。她住在纽顿。 <br></p> <p> 她是谁啊? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 她是弗兰克兰先生的女儿。 <br></p> <p> 什么?就是那个有个大望远镜的老弗兰克兰吗? <br></p> <p> 是的, 摩梯末医生讲道。 劳拉曾和一位名叫莱昂丝的、到沼地写生的画家结了婚。但是他对她很残暴,不日之后还离开了她。她父亲坚决和她不讲话了,因为她当时是违背父亲的意愿而结的婚。因此,她的丈夫和她的父亲已使她的生活非常不幸福。 <br></p> <p> 那她怎么生活呢? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 知晓她那悲惨故事的几个人帮助着她。斯台普顿与查尔斯爵士给过她一些钱。我本人也给过一点。她用这些钱开始干打字的营生。 <br></p> <p>摩梯末医生想知道我问这些问题的目的何在。然而,我还是喜欢把其中的原因保密起来,我们在余下的旅途中便谈了些别的事情。<br></p> <p>那一天只发生了另一件有趣的事情。晚上,晚饭过后我私下与白瑞摩聊了几句。我问他塞尔登是否已经离开了这个国家。<br></p> <p> 我不知道,先生, 白瑞摩应答道。 我希望他已走了。但是,自从上次给他送食物和衣物以来,我便再也没听到过关于他的情况。那已是三天之前的事了。 <br></p> <p> 那一次你看到他了吗? <br></p> <p> 没有,先生,但是当我再到那里去时,食物和衣物已经不见了。 白瑞摩告诉我。<br></p> <p> 那么说,他一定还在那里吗? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 我是这么认为的,先生,除非是另外那个人拿走了一切东西。 <br></p> <p>我静坐着,眼睛直盯着白瑞摩。 那么说,你是知道还有另外一个人的啰?你见过他吗? <br></p> <p> 没有,先生,但是塞尔登大约在一周之前或是更早些时告诉了我有关他的情况。他也在躲藏着呢,但是他并不是个逃犯。我并不喜欢这种局势,先生。我敢肯定,这儿将要发生一件邪恶的事情。亨利爵爷在伦敦则要安全得多。 <br></p> <p> 塞尔登还就另外那个人对你讲了些什么? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 他看起来像位绅士。他住在沼地上的一个古老的小石屋中。有个小男孩为他服务,给他送来他所需要的食物和其他东西。塞尔登就告诉了我这么多。 <br></p> <p>我谢过了他,他就走开了。我走到窗前,望着屋外的雨和云彩。这是个暴风雨夜。我知道白瑞摩谈及的那些石屋。沼地上有许多石屋。它们是在数百年前由住在沼地上的那些人们修建的,天气恶劣时不可能不让里边的住户感到又冷又潮。塞尔登是别无他处可住才呆在那儿的,但是另外那个人为何要居住在那么恶劣的条件下呢?<br></p> <p>我坐下来,思考着我下一步的举动。我已决定了,我一定要竭力找到一直监视着我们的那个人。他是那个从伦敦便开始跟踪着我们的敌人吗?如果是的话,如果我能将其抓获的话,那么我们的困境也许就到头了。<br></p> <p>我还决定独自去搜寻那个人。亨利爵士依旧因我们在沼地上听到的那个可怕的吼声而心绪不宁。我不想再给他添什么麻烦或者把他引向更危险的处境。<br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:318
劳拉·莱昂丝-巴斯克维尔猎犬-英汉对照 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>11 劳拉 莱昂丝 Laura Lyons<br></p> <p> told Sir Henry about Laura Lyons,and that I wanted to speak to her as soon as possible.Then I went to her house in Newtown.<br></p> <p>A maid took me into the sitting room,where a very pretty lady with dark hair was working at a typewriter.I told her who I was,and that I had met her father.<br></p> <p>'I have no contact with my father,'she said.' He gave me no help when I was in trouble.Sir Charles Baskerville and some other kind people helped me when I was poor and hungry.'<br></p> <p>'It is about Sir Charles that I have come to see you,'I said.'I want to know if you ever wrote to him and asked him to meet you.'<br></p> <p>She looked very,angry,and her face went white.<br></p> <p>'What a question!'she said.'What right have you to ask me about my private life?But the answer is no .'<br></p> <p>'Surely you are not remembering clearly,'I said.'I think you wrote to him on the day that he died.And your letter said: Please,please,burn this letter,and be at the gate by ten o'clock. '<br></p> <p>For a moment I thought she was going to faint.Then she said in a low oice:'I asked Sir Charles to tell nobdy.'<br></p> <p>'You must not think that Sir Charles spoke to anyone about you,'I said.' He put the letter on the fire,but not all of it was burnt.Now,did you write that letter to him?'<br></p> <p>'Yes,'she said.'Why should I be ashamed of writing to him?I wanted him to help me.I learned that he was going to London early on the following day,so I asked him to meet me before he went.I could not go to the Hall earlier that day.'<br></p> <p>'But why did you ask him to meet you in the garden instead of in the house?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'Do you think it would be sensible for a woman to go at that time of night into the house of an unmarried man?'she asked.<br></p> <p>'Well,what happened when you got there?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'I didn't go,'she replied.<br></p> <p>'Mrs Lyons!'<br></p> <p>'I tell you I did not go.Something happened that stopped me from going.I can't tell you what it was.'<br></p> <p>'Mrs Lyons,' I said.' If you did not see Sir Charles,you must tell me why.If you do not,it will look very bad for you if I have to go to the police with this new piece of information about the letter.'<br></p> <p>Mrs Lyons thought for a moment,and then she said:' I see that I must tell you.Perhaps you know that I married a man who was very cruel to me.I hate him and I wanted to get a divorce.But a divorce is expensive,and I had no money.I thought that if Sir Charles heard my sad story,he would help me to get a divorce.'<br></p> <p>'Then why didn't you go to see Sir Charles?'I asked her.<br></p> <p>'Because I got help from someone else,'she said.<br></p> <p>'Why didn't you write to Sir Charles and tell him?'<br></p> <p>' I was going to,but I saw in the newspaper the next morn ing that he had died.'<br></p> <p>I asked Mrs Lyons a number of other questions,but she did not change her story,whatever I asked her.I was sure that she was telling the truth.I could check two important parts of the story.If they were right,there could be no doubt that she was telling the truth.I could check that she had begun to get her divorce at about the time of Sir Charles' death.I could also check that she had not been to Baskerville Hall on the night of Sir Charles' death.<br></p> <p>But I was not sure that she had told me the whole truth.Why had she nearly fainted when I had told her about the let ter? That was not completely explained by the story she had told me.<br></p> <p>I had discovered all I could for the moment.I left her,and went to search for more information in a different place.<br></p> <p>我告诉了亨利爵士关于劳拉 莱昂丝的事情,还说我想尽快与她谈一谈。此后我便到纽顿去了她家。<br></p> <p>一位女仆将我带进了起居室,一位非常漂亮的黑发女士正坐在打字机前工作。我告诉了她我是谁,还说我曾见过她父亲。<br></p> <p> 我与我父亲之间没什么联系, 她讲道。 在我身处困境时他没有给我丝毫的帮助。查尔斯 巴斯克维尔爵士与别的一些好心肠的人们在我又穷又饿时曾经帮助过我。 <br></p> <p> 我就是因为查尔斯爵士的事情才来见您的, 我说道。 我想知道您是否曾经给他写信并请求他来见您一面。 <br></p> <p>她看上去十分愤怒,她的面孔还变得苍白。<br></p> <p> 岂有此理的问题! 她说道。 您有何权利向我询问有关我的私人生活的事情?但是我的回答是: 没有 。 <br></p> <p> 您肯定没记清楚, 我说道。 我认为您在他临终的那天曾给他写过信。您的信中还是这么写的: 请您千万将此信烧掉,并在10点钟的时候到栅门那里去。 <br></p> <p>我一度以为她就要晕厥了。接着,她低声说道: 我曾请求查尔斯爵士不要告诉任何人的。 <br></p> <p> 您不该认为查尔斯爵士曾同任何人谈起您, 我说道。 他把这封信投在火中了,但并没全烧掉。我说,您曾给他写过那封信吗? <br></p> <p> 是的,我写过, 她说道。 我为何要为曾写信给他而感到羞愧呢?我本想让他帮助我。我听说他第二天一大早就要到伦敦去。那天我又不能早一点到庄园去。 <br></p> <p> 但是您为何要求他在花园里而不是在屋里与您会面呢? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 您想,一个女人在夜间的那个时候到一个单身汉的家里明智吗? 她问道。<br></p> <p> 噢,您到那里去时发生了什么事情? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 我并没有去, 她应答道。<br></p> <p> 莱昂丝太太! <br></p> <p> 我告诉您我并没有去。发生了一件事使我去不成了。我不能告给您这是件什么事。 <br></p> <p> 莱昂丝太太, 我讲道, 如果您并没见到查尔斯爵士的话,您一定要告诉我其中的缘由。要是您不肯说出来的话,要是我带着有关这封信件的新线索去警察局了,形势将对您非常不利。 <br></p> <p>莱昂丝太太斟酌了片刻,接着说道: 我看来得告诉您了。您也许知道我嫁给了一个对我非常残酷的男子。我恨他,我曾想与他离婚。可是离婚是桩昂贵的事情,而我又没有什么钱。我当时觉得,要是查尔斯爵士听到了我那悲惨的故事的话,他就会帮助我离婚。 <br></p> <p> 那么您为什么又没有去见查尔斯爵士呢? 我向她问道。<br></p> <p> 因为我从别人那儿已得到帮助了, 她说道。<br></p> <p> 为什么您没有写信给查尔斯爵士并告诉他呢? <br></p> <p> 我是打算这么做的,但在第二天早上我在报纸上看到了他已死的消息。 <br></p> <p>我问了莱昂丝太太许多别的问题,但是她不管我怎么问都不肯改口。我敢保证她讲了实话。我可以验证一下她的叙述中关键的两点。如果这两处正确无误,那么无疑她是在讲真话。我可以调查一下,看看她在查尔斯爵士逝去之时是否真的开始为离婚而忙乎着。我还可以调查一下,看看她是否在查尔斯爵士逝去的当晚真的没去巴斯克维尔庄园。<br></p> <p>但是我不敢肯定她是否已告诉了我全部实情。当我告诉她关于这封信的事情时她为何几乎要晕了过去呢?这点由她告诉我的故事不能完全解释得通。<br></p> <p>目前我已竭尽全力去发现探索了。我离开了她,到一个与之有别的地方搜寻更多的信息去了。<br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:319
沼地上的那个人-巴斯克维尔猎犬-中英对照 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>12 沼地上的那个人 The Man on the Moor<br></p> <p>I drove out of Newtown and went to begin my search for the mysterious man on the moor.There were hundreds of the old stone huts on the moor.Barrymore did not know in which of them the mysterious man was living.I had seen the man on the night when Sir Henry and I had chased Selden,so I decided to start my search near that place.<br></p> <p>The path I took ran past Mr Frankland's house,and I saw him standing at his gate He called to me,and invited me to go in and have a drink with him.He had been arguing with the police,and was angry with them.He began to tell me about it.<br></p> <p>'But they will be sorry,'he said.'I could tell them where to look for the escaped prisoner,but I am not going to help them.You see,I have been searching the moors with my telescope,and although I have not actually seen the prisoner,I have seen the person who is taking him food.'<br></p> <p>I thought of Barrymore and Mrs Barrymore's worried faces.But Mr Frankland's next words showed me that I did not need to worry.<br></p> <p>'You will be surprised to hear that a young boy takes food to the prisoner.The boy goes by at about the same time each day,and he is always carrying a bag.Who else can he be going to see except the prisoner?Come and look through my tele scope,and you will see that I am right.It is about this time each day that the boy goes by.'<br></p> <p>We went up onto the roof,and we did not have to wait long.There was someone moving on a hill in front of the house.I looked through the telescope and saw a small boy with a bag over his shoulder.He looked around to make sure that noboay was following him,and then he disappeared over the hill.<br></p> <p>'Remember that I don't want the police to know my secret,Dr Watson,'Frankland reminded me.'I'm too angry with them at the moment to help them.'<br></p> <p>I agreed not to tell the police,and said goodbye.I walked along the road while Frankland was watching me,but as soon as I was round the corner,I went towards the hill where we had seen the boy.<br></p> <p>The sun was already going down when I reached the top of the hill.I could not see the boy,and there was nothing else in that lonely place Beneath me on the other side of the hill was a circle of old stone huts.In the middle of the circle was one hut that had a better roof than the others,so it would keep out the wind and the rain.This must be the place where the mysteri ous man was hiding!I would soon know his secret.<br></p> <p>As I walked towards the hut,I saw that someone had certainly been using it.A path had been worn up to the door.I took my revolver out of my pocket,and checked that it was ready to fire.I walked quickly and quietly up to the hut,and looked inside.The place was empty.<br></p> <p>But this was certainly where the man lived.As I looked round the hut,I knew that the mysterious man must have a very strong character.No other person could live in conditions as bad as these.There were some blankets on a flat stone where the man slept.There had been a fire in one corner.There were some cooking pots,and a large bowl half full of wa ter.In the middle of the hut was another large flat stone which was used as a table,and on it was the bag the boy had been carrying.Under the bag I saw a piece of paper with writing on it.Quickly,I picked up the paper and read what was written on it.It said:'Dr Watson has gone to Newtown.'<br></p> <p>I realized that the mysterious man had told someone to watch me,and this was a message from his spy.Was the man a dangerous enemy? Or was he a friend who was watching us to make sure we were safe?I decided I would not leave the hut until I knew.<br></p> <p>Outside,the sun was low in the sky.Everything looked calm and peaceful in the golden evening light.But I did not feel peaceful or calm.I felt frightened as I waited for the mysterious man.<br></p> <p>Then I heard footsteps coming towards the hut.As they came closer,I moved into the darkest corner of the hut.I did not want the man to see me until I had looked closely at him.The footsteps stopped,and I could hear nothing at all.Then the man began to move again,and the footsteps came closer.A shadow fell across the door of the hut.<br></p> <p>'It's a lovely evening,my dear Watson,'said a voice I knew well.'I really think you will enjoy it more out here.'<br></p> <p>我驶出了纽顿,去开始搜寻沼地上的那位神秘人士。沼地上有成百上千的古老的石屋。白瑞摩不知道那位神秘人士住在其中的哪一栋里。在我与查尔斯爵士追赶塞尔登的那个晚上我曾见过那个人,所以我决定从那个地方附近开始找起。<br></p> <p>我所走的这条小路经过弗兰克兰先生的家,我还看到他正站在门口。他叫我一声,并邀请我进屋和他喝一杯。他一直与警方争讼着,而且对警方十分气愤。他开始告诉我这些事情。<br></p> <p> 但是他们将会后悔的, 他说道。 我本来能告诉他们该到哪里去找那个逃犯,但是我不想帮他们的忙。您是知道的,我一直在用我的望远镜搜寻这些沼地,而且虽然我没有真正地看到过那个罪犯,但是我已经看见了给他带饭的那个人。 <br></p> <p>我想到了白瑞摩及其太太焦虑的面容。但是,弗兰克兰下边的话语向我表明我不必为此担忧了。<br></p> <p> 当您听到一个小男孩给罪犯送食物的时候,您一定会感到吃惊吧。那个男孩每天都在同一时间经过,还总提着一个包。他还会去见谁呢 除了那个罪犯之外?过来,向我的望远镜里瞧瞧,您就会知道我是对的。每天就在这个时分那个男孩路过此处。 <br></p> <p>我们到了屋顶上,我们并不需久等。有人正在屋前的小山上移动着。我透过望远镜观察并看到肩上扛着一个包的小男孩。他向四处张望着以确保没人跟踪他,后来就在山那边不见了。<br></p> <p> 记住:我不想叫警方知道我的秘密,华生医生, 费兰克兰提醒我说。 我现在对他们太生气了,以至于都不想帮他们的忙。 <br></p> <p>我同意不告诉警方并道了别。弗兰克兰望着我时我便顺着大路走,但是一转过弯我就朝着看到小男孩的那座小山走去。<br></p> <p>当我到达山顶时,太阳已经就要落山了。我看不见那个小男孩,在这个荒凉的地方也没有旁人。在我下面的山坡的另一旁有一些围成一圈的古老的石屋。中间有一栋屋顶比其他的要好一些的石屋,因此它可以挡风避雨。这一定就是那位神秘人士的藏身之处了。我不久就可知晓他的秘密了。<br></p> <p>当我朝着石屋走去时,我意识到一定有人用过这地方。一条小路已被人踩出,一直通向房门。我从衣兜里取出了左轮手枪,并确认它可以随时射发了。我快速、轻盈地向小屋走去,并向屋里望了望。里面空空如也。<br></p> <p>但是这显然是那个人居住的地方。我在石屋四周察看着,知道那位神秘人士一定有着坚强的性格。再无旁人可以在如此恶劣的条件下住下去了。在那人睡觉的石板上放着几条毛毯。小屋的一角曾生过火。屋角有一些餐锅和一个装了半碗水的大碗。在小屋的中央另有一块平平的、被当做桌子用了的石板,桌上放着那个男孩扛着的那个包。我在包下看到了一张写着字的纸。我赶快拿起纸来,看看上面写些什么内容。上面写着: 华生医生已去纽顿了。 <br></p> <p>我意识到那位神秘人士已叫人去监视我,这便是从他的密探那里得来的消息。那他是个危险的敌人呢,还是密切关注着我们以确保我们安全的朋友呢?我下定决心,不弄清一切决不离开这小屋。<br></p> <p>外面,太阳已经落得很低了。在金色的夕阳的照耀下,一切都显得那么安详、恬静。可是我丝毫感受不到这种宁静。我在等待那位神秘人士之时感到很害怕。<br></p> <p>后来,我听到了走向小屋的脚步声。当声音逼近时,我挪到了小屋里最阴暗的角落。在我没有仔细看清那人之前我并不想叫他看见我。脚步声停住了,我也什么都听不到了。后来,那个人又开始走动起来,脚步声也愈来愈近了。一条黑影由石屋的门那里投射进来。<br></p> <p> 真是个可爱的傍晚,我亲爱的华生, 我很熟悉的一个声音说道。 我真觉得你到外边这儿来要享受些。 <br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:318
太晚了-巴斯克维尔猎犬 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>13 太晚了 Too Late<br></p> <p>For a moment or two I could neither breathe nor move.<br></p> <p>Then I felt my fear and unhappiness disappear,as I knew that I was no longer alone in my responsibility for Sir Henry.The dangers all around me did not seem so frightening.The cool voice could belong to only one man in the world.'Holmes!'I cried.'Holmes!'<br></p> <p>I went outside the hut,and there was Holmes.He was sit ting on a stone,and his grey eyes were dancing with amuse ment.He was thin and worn,but bright and wideawake.His skin was brown from the wind and the sun.But his chin was smooth,and his shirt was white.He did not look like a man who had been living in the middle of the moor.<br></p> <p>'I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life,'I said,'nor so surprised.'<br></p> <p>'I am surprised,too,'Holmes said,as he shook me warmly by the hand.'How did you find me?'<br></p> <p>I told him about Frankland,and how I had seen the boy with the food.<br></p> <p>Holmes went into the hut,and looked at the food,and at the note with it.' I guess that you have been to see Mrs Laura Lyons,' he said,and when I told him that he was right,he went on:' When we put together everything that each of us has discovered,I expect we shall know almost everything about this case.'<br></p> <p>'But how did you get here?'I asked him.'And what have you been doing? I thought you had to finish your case in Lon don.'<br></p> <p>'That is what I wanted you to think,'he said.<br></p> <p>'Then you have tricked me,and have no confidence in me,' I said.I was upset and angry because he had not told me his plans.<br></p> <p>'I am sorry if it seems I have tricked you,my dear Watson.I did not want our enemy to know I was here,but I wanted to be near enough to make sure that you and Sir Henry were safe.You are a kind person too kind to leave me alone out here in bad weather.Our enemy would guess I was here if he saw you coming out with food,or with important news.You have been a very real help to me.Your letters with all their valuable information have been brought to me.You have done excellent work,and without you I would not have all the im portant details I needed.'<br></p> <p>Holmes' warm words of thanks made me feel much happier,and I saw that he was right.<br></p> <p>'That's better,'he said,as he saw the shadow lift from my face.'Now tell me about your visit to Mrs Laura Lyons.'<br></p> <p>I told Holmes everything Mrs Lyons had said.<br></p> <p>This is all very important,'Holmes said.'It answers ques tions I have been unable to answer、Did you know that Mrs Lyons and Stapleton are very close friends? They often meet,and they write to each other.Perhaps I can use this informa tion to turn Stapleton's wife against him '<br></p> <p>'His wife?'I asked.'Who and where is she?'<br></p> <p>'The lady called Miss Stapleton,who pretends to be his sister,is really his wife,'said Holmes.<br></p> <p>'Good heavens,Holmes!Are you sure?If she is his wife,why did Stapleton allow Sir Henry to fall in love with her?' 'Sir Henry hurt nobody except himself when he fell in love with her.Stapleton took care that Sir Henry did not make love to her.I repeat that the lady is his wife,and not his sister.They came here only two years ago,and before that he had owned a school in the north of England.He told you that,and you told me in your letter.I checked on the school,and found that the man who had owned it went away with his wife when the school closed.They changed their name,but the couple who were described to me were without doubt the Stapletons.''But why do they pretend to be brother and sister?' I asked.'Because Stapleton thought that she would be very much more useful to him if she appeared to be a free woman.'<br></p> <p>Suddenly I saw behind Stapleton's smiling face a heart with murder in it.'So he is our enemy!He is the man who followed us in London! And the warning note to Sir Henry came form Miss Stapleton.'<br></p> <p>'Exactly,'said Holmes.<br></p> <p>'But if Miss Stapleton is really his wife,why is he a close friend of Mrs Laura Lyons?'<br></p> <p>'Your excellent work has given us the answer to that ques tion,Watson When you told me that Mrs Lyons was getting a divorce,I realized that she hoped to marry Stapleton.He told her that he was unmarried,and that he wanted to make her his wife.When she learns the truth,she may decide to help us.We must go and see her tomorrow.'<br></p> <p>'One last question,Holmes,'I said.'What is Stapleton try ing to do?'<br></p> <p>Holmes dropped his voice as he answered:'Murder,cold blooded murder.That is what Stapleton is trying to do.Do not ask me for details.I am about to catch him in a trap.There is only one danger that he will act before I am ready.Another day,or perhaps two,and I shall complete my case.Until then you must guard Sir Henry very closely.You should be with him today.However,what you have discovered is very valuable.'<br></p> <p>As he finished speaking,an awful scream a long cry of pain and horror broke the silence of the moor.The sound turned my blood to ice.<br></p> <p>'Oh,my God,'I whispered.'What is that?'<br></p> <p>Holmes had jumped to his feet.'Where is it,Watson?' he whispered,and I could see that he was shaken by the scream.<br></p> <p>The hopeless cry came again,louder,nearer,and more terrible than before.With it came a new sound deep and frightening.'The hound!'cried Holmes.'Come,Watson,come!Great heavens!If we are too late '<br></p> <p>有那么一小会儿我既喘不过气来也动弹不了身子。后来,我觉得我的恐怖与不快之情消失了,因为我知道我不再是独自承担对亨利爵士的责任了。四伏的危机似乎不那么令人恐惧了。这种冷冰冰的声音在世上只可能属于一个人。<br></p> <p> 福尔摩斯! 我喊道。 福尔摩斯! <br></p> <p>我走出小屋,那儿便是福尔摩斯。他正坐在一块石头上,他那灰色的眼珠高兴地转动起来。他显得又瘦又累,可是既机灵又清醒。他的皮肤由于风沙和日晒的侵袭变成了棕色。但是他的下巴刮得光光的,衬衫也很干净。他看上去并不像是一位在沼地里居住的人。<br></p> <p> 在我的一生里,还从来没有因为看见任何人这么快活过, 我说道。 也从来没有这么吃惊过。 <br></p> <p> 我也感到很吃惊, 福尔摩斯一边说着,一边温和地与我握手。 你是如何找到我的? <br></p> <p>我告诉他有关弗兰克兰的事情,还有我是如何看到带着食品的男孩的。<br></p> <p>福尔摩斯进了石屋,并看了看食品.还看了看与它在一起的那个纸条。 我揣测你已去见过劳拉 莱昂丝太太了, 他说道,并在我告诉他他说对了时继续说道: 如果我们把每人发现的一切凑到一起,我期望我们就能知道有关这个案子的几乎一切内情了。 <br></p> <p> 可是你是怎么到这儿来的呢? 我对他问道。 还有,你一直在干什么?我以为你得在伦敦办完你手头的那个案子呢。 <br></p> <p> 那正是我希望你所想的, 他说道。<br></p> <p> 那么说,你是在骗我,并不信任我呵! 我说道。我因他没有告诉我他的计划而又烦又恼。<br></p> <p> 如果看上去是我对你耍了什么花招的话,那就请你原谅我吧,我亲爱的华生。我不想叫咱们的对手知道我就在此地,但是我又想在此附近来保证你和亨利爵士安然无恙。你是个好心肠的人 好得都到了不能容忍我独自一人在此身处恶劣的露天环境之中。如果咱们的对手看到你带着食物出来了或带着重要的消息出来了,他就会猜到我在此地。你一直对我来说是种无可估量的帮助。你的那些有着价值无比的信息的信件都已被送到我这儿。你干得很出色,要是没有你我就不会得到我所需要的那一切详情了。 <br></p> <p>福尔摩斯的那些温暖的感谢话语使我觉得高兴多了,我还意识到他是对的。<br></p> <p> 这样就好了, 他看到阴影已从我的脸上消失时这么说道。 现在告诉我你造访劳拉 莱昂丝太太的情况吧。 <br></p> <p>我把莱昂丝太太所讲的全部内容告诉了福尔摩斯。<br></p> <p> 这点至关重要, 福尔摩斯说道。 它回答了我一直不能回答的那些问题。你已知道莱昂丝太太和斯台普顿是关系密切的朋友了吧?他们常见面,还常通信。也许我可以用这条信息使斯台普顿的妻子与他作对 <br></p> <p> 他的妻子? 我问道。 她是谁,又在哪儿呢? <br></p> <p> 那位被称做斯台普顿小姐、装作是他妹妹的女士其实是他的妻子, 福尔摩斯讲道。<br></p> <p> 天哪,福尔摩斯!你敢肯定吗?如果她是他的妻子的话,他为何让亨利爵士爱上了她呢? <br></p> <p> 亨利爵士坠入情网之时,他除了对本人之外对谁都不会构成伤害。斯台普顿曾特别留意避免亨利爵士对她调情。我再说一遍,那位女士就是他的妻子,而不是他的妹妹。他们在两年之前才来到这儿,但是在那之前他曾在英格兰北部办过一所学校。他告诉你那些事,你又在信中讲给了我。我将那个学校调查了一下,还发现办学校的那个男子在学校跨台之后就和他的妻子一道远走高飞了。他们更改了姓名,但是被描述给我的那对夫妇无疑就是斯台普顿一家。 <br></p> <p> 但是,他们为何要装扮成兄妹呢? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 因为斯台普顿早就想到了,如果她看似一个单身的自由女子就会对他要有用得多。 <br></p> <p>我突然从斯台普顿的笑脸之后看到了他那暗藏杀机的狠毒心肠。 那么说他就是我们的敌人啰!他就是在伦敦尾随咱们的那个人!还有,送给亨利爵士的那个警告性的纸条是由斯台普顿小姐发出的。 <br></p> <p> 正是, 福尔摩斯讲道。<br></p> <p> 但是,如果斯台普顿小姐真是他的妻子的话,他为何会是劳拉 莱昂丝太太的亲密的朋友呢? <br></p> <p> 你杰出的工作已给我们提供了这个问题的答案,华生。当你告诉我莱昂斯太太计划离婚时,我便意识到她是希望嫁给斯台普顿的。他告诉她他还是未婚,而且想娶她为妻。她获悉事情的真相时,也许会下定决心帮助我们。我们明天必须去见她。 <br></p> <p> 还有最后一个问题,福尔摩斯。 我讲道, 斯台普顿到底想干什么呢? <br></p> <p>福尔摩斯在回答时放低了声调:<br></p> <p> 谋杀,残忍至极的谋杀。那便是斯台普顿的企图所在。别问我细节了。我将设个陷阱将其抓获。现在只有一个危险了 他说不定会在我准备就绪之前就行动了。再过一天,或者也许是两天,我就要办完这个案子。在那以前,你必须注意保护好亨利爵士。你今天就该和他在一起。不过,你的发现很有价值。 <br></p> <p>他说完话时,一声可怕的尖叫声 一声很长的、痛苦和恐惧的喊叫打破了沼地上的沉静。这个声音使我毛骨悚然。<br></p> <p> 哦,我的上帝, 我低声说道。 那是怎么回事? <br></p> <p>福尔摩斯已猛地站了起来。 是哪一边,华生? 他低声问道,我知道他被尖叫声震惊了。<br></p> <p>绝望的喊声又传来了,比以往更大些,距离更近些,也更恐怖些。和它一起传来的还有一种新的声音 既低沉又恐怖。<br></p> <p> 是猎犬! 福尔摩斯喊道。 来呀,华生,来呀!天哪!要是咱们来不及 <br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:316
沼地上的一起死亡事件-巴斯克维尔猎犬 <p>巴斯克维尔猎犬目录<br><br></p> <p>14 沼地上的一起死亡事件 Death on the Moor<br></p> <p>Holmes started running over the moor,and I followed him.From somewhere in front of us came one more hopeless scream.It was followed by the sound of something falling heavily.We stopped and listened.<br></p> <p>I saw Holmes put his hand to his head.' He has won,Watson.We' re too late.I was mad not to act sooner.And you,Watson,look what happens when you leave the man I asked you to guard.But if the worst has happened,we shall see that Stapleton doesn't go free.'<br></p> <p>We ran through the dark towards the place where the cries had come from.We reached a rocky edge from which a steep side fell away.Below us we saw the body of a man.He was lying with his face down on the ground.He had fallen on his head,which was bent under him,and his neck was broken.Holmes lit a match.We saw with horror the blood running out onto the ground from his head.<br></p> <p>We both remembered clearly the suit the man was wearing.It was a thick,redbrown country suit.It was the suit Sir Henry had been wearing on the morning when we first met him in Baker Street.We saw it for a moment and then the match went out.Our hearts turned sick and cold inside us.<br></p> <p>'The devil!The murderer!I shall never forgive myself for leaving Sir Henry alone,'I whispered angrily.<br></p> <p>'It's more my fault than yours,'said Holmes.'I have let this good man die because I was busy with the last details of my case.It is the greatest mistake I have ever made.But why did he come out onto the moor?I told him it would lead to his death.Now both Sir Henry and his uncle have been murdered.By heavens,clever as he is,I shall trap Stapleton before another day is past.'<br></p> <p>With heavy hearts we stood on either side of the broken body.Then Holmes bent over the body and began to move it.All of a sudden he began to laugh and jump up and down.<br></p> <p>'Look at the face!'he shouted,hitting me on the back.'It is not Sir Henry.It's Selden,the escaped prisoner.'<br></p> <p>We turned the body over.There was no doubt about it.I had seen the face before,on the night Sir Henry and I had chased Selden over the moor.Then I suddenly remembered,and everything became clear.Sir Henry had told me how he gave his old clothes to Barrymore.I realized that this suit had been among the clothes Barrymore had left for Selden,and I told Holmes.<br></p> <p>'Then the clothes have caused the death of the poor man.The hound had been given something of Sir Henry's to smell so that it would pick up his scent and follow him.I think that is why the shoe was taken from the hotel in London.So the hound followed the scent and bunted this man.But there is one thing I don't understand.How did Selden know that the hound was following him? We know he ran a long way.He was screaming for a long time before he fell,and we could hear that he was running as he screamed.So the hound was a long way behind him when he began to run.How could he see it in the dark? How did he know it was there,until it was close be hind him?'<br></p> <p>'I cannot answer that,'I said,' but there is something else I don' t understand.Why was the hound out on the moor tonight?Stapleton would not let it go out unless he thought Sir Henry was there.'<br></p> <p>'We may know the answer to that question very soon,'said Holmes.'Here comes Stapleton.'<br></p> <p>His sharp eyes had seen a figure moving in the darkness in front of us,and<br></p> <p>s the man came closer,I could see that it was indeed Stapleton.<br></p> <p>'We must be very careful not to show that we suspect him,'Holmes warned me.<br></p> <p>Stapleton stopped when he saw us,and then walked forward again.'Dr Watson,is that you?I didn't expect to see you on the moor at this time of night But,dear me,what's this? Somebody hurt? Not don't tell me that it's our friend Sir Henry!'<br></p> <p>He went past me and bent over the dead man.I heard him breathe in quickly.<br></p> <p>'Who who is this?' he asked,his voice shaking.<br></p> <p>'It's Selden,the escaped prisoner.'<br></p> <p>Stapleton quickly managed to hide the look of surprise and disappointment on his face as he turned towards us.He looked sharply from Holmes to me.'Dear me! How terrible! How did he die?'<br></p> <p>'We think he broke his neck by falling over the edge of these rocks,'I said.<br></p> <p>'I heard a cry,and that is why I came out.I was worried about Sir Henry,'Stapleton said.<br></p> <p>'Why were you worried about Sir Henry?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'Because I had invited him to my house.When he did not come I was surprised.Then,when I heard cries on the moor,I began to worry about him.I wonder' his eyes went quickly from my face to Holmes' ' did you hear anything else at all?'<br></p> <p>'No,'said Holmes.'Did you?'<br></p> <p>'No,'said Stapleton.<br></p> <p>'What do you mean,then?'<br></p> <p>'Oh,you know the stories about the supernatural hound.I wondered if it had been here tonight.'<br></p> <p>'We heard nothing of that kind,'I said.<br></p> <p>'How do you think this poor man fell to his death?'Staple ton asked.<br></p> <p>'I think cold and hunger,and his fear that the police would catch him,drove him mad.He ran round the moor in his mad ness,and fell over this edge,'I said.<br></p> <p>'Do you agree,Mr Sherlock Holmes?'asked Stapleton.<br></p> <p>'You're quick to guess who I am,'said Holmes.<br></p> <p>'We're been expecting you ever since Dr Watson arrived.'<br></p> <p>'I have no doubt my friend is right about the way Selden died,'said Holmes.'It' s a sad death,but it will not prevent me from returning to London tomorrow.'<br></p> <p>'Before you return,will you be able to explain the mysteries that we've experienced here?'<br></p> <p>'I am not always as successful as I hope.I need facts,not stories of the supernatural.This hasn' t been a good case for me.<br></p> <p>Stapleton looked hard at him,but Holmes had spoken very seriously and his words sounded true.<br></p> <p>We covered the body.Then Stapleton turned to go home,and Holmes and I walked towards Baskerville Hall.<br></p> <p>'He's a very clever man,and a dangerous enemy,who will be difficult to trap,' said Holmes.' Look how he controlled his disappointment when he found that the dead man was not Sir Henry.'<br></p> <p>'I'm sorry that he has seen you,'I said.<br></p> <p>'So am I,but there was nothing we could do about it.Now he knows I am here he may be more careful,or he may act more quickly than he planned.'<br></p> <p>'Why can't we give him to the police at once?'<br></p> <p>'Because we can't prove anything against him.Sir Charles was found dead because his heart failed.Again,tonight we could not prove that there was a hound.Selden died from a fall.We have no case at present.We shall see Mrs Lyons to morrow,and she may help us.But whatever happens,I have my own plan.There will be some danger,but by the end of tomorrow I hope to have won this battle.'<br></p> <p>He would say nothing else.<br></p> <p>'Are you coming to the Hall?'I asked.<br></p> <p>'Yes,'he replied.'There is no reason for me to hide any longer.But one last word,Watson Say nothing of the hound to Sir Henry.Let him think that Selden died from a fall.If he knows about the hound,he will find it harder to face the dan gers of tomorrow.I think you told me in your last letter that he is having dinner with the Stapletons tomorrow evening.'<br></p> <p>'And they have invited me,too,'I reminded him.<br></p> <p>'Then you must excuse yourself,and he must go alone.That can easily be arranged And now I think we are both ready for some food.'<br></p> <p>福尔摩斯开始在沼地上跑了起来,我跟在他的后面。从我们前面的某处又发出了一声绝望的尖叫,然后就是一个东西重重地栽在地上时的那么一声。我们站住了并倾听着。<br></p> <p>我看到福尔摩斯把手按在头上。 他已经赢了,华生。我们来得太晚了。我真是发疯了,竟不及早采取行动。而你呢,华生,看到离开我让你保护的那个人会有什么后果了吧。可是,要是最不幸的事情已然发生了的话,那么我们就不能叫斯台普顿给逃脱了。 <br></p> <p>我们在黑暗之中朝发出喊叫声的那个地方跑去。我们到了一条岩脊边上,那儿有个很陡的悬崖伸展下去。我们由那里向下看到了一个人。他脸朝下躺在地上。他是头向下摔倒的,头在身体下面窝着,脖子也给折断了。福尔摩斯点着了一根火柴。我们惊恐地看到了一滩血正从他的头颅里冒出来汩汩地流到地上。<br></p> <p>我们俩都清楚地记得那个人的衣着。那是一件厚厚的、棕红色的、带有土风色彩的外套。就是亨利爵士在我们第一次在贝克街见到他的那个早上穿着的那一件。我们只看了一眼,那根火柴接着就灭了。我们感到深为悲伤、深为恐怖。<br></p> <p> 这个恶棍!这个凶手!我永远也不能原谅自己,我竟离开了他的身旁,让他独自一人呆着, 我愤怒地低声说道。<br></p> <p> 我的罪过比你还要深重, 福尔摩斯说道。 因为我正忙于做好破案之前的工作,我竟任这位好人去死。这是我一生中所犯的最大的错误。可是,他为何要从屋里溜到沼地上来呢?我告诉过他,这会要他的命的。现在,亨利爵士及其伯父都已被人谋杀了。苍天在上,过不了另一天我就要诱捕他,虽然他很狡猾。 <br></p> <p>我们心情沉重地站在这具血肉模糊的尸体的两侧。接着,福尔摩斯在尸体旁边弯着腰,并且开始动弹它。突然之间,他开始又笑又跳起来。<br></p> <p> 看看这张面孔! 他喊叫道,在我后背上击了一下。 此人并非亨利爵士。是塞尔登,那个逃犯。 <br></p> <p>我们把死尸翻了过来。无疑是这么一回事。在我与亨利爵士在沼地上追赶塞尔登的那个晚上我曾见过这张脸。然后,我忽然记起了什么,一切都清楚明白了。亨利爵士曾告诉我他如何把自己的旧衣物送给了白瑞摩。我意识到这件外套就是白瑞摩留给塞尔登的那些衣物中的一件,于是便把事情的来由告诉了福尔摩斯。<br></p> <p> 那么说,这身衣服导致了这个可怜的人的死。那个猎犬曾让闻过亨利爵士的某件东西,以便它能嗅出他的气味并追踪他。我认为这就是那只鞋子在伦敦的那个旅馆里被偷的原因所在了。如此一来猎犬就循着气味搜寻这个人。可是,有一件事情我不大明白。塞尔登如何知道那猎犬跟在他后面呢?我们知道他跑了很长的一段路。他在摔倒在地之前已尖叫了很长一段时间,我们也能听出他尖叫时正在跑着。因此,他开始跑时那个猎犬还在他的身后很远之处。他是怎么在黑暗之中看到猎犬的呢?在猎犬紧跟他之前他是怎么知道它就在那儿的呢? <br></p> <p> 我回答不上来, 我说道。 但是,还有一事我不大理解。为什么猎犬单单在今晚被放出来在沼地上活动呢?除非是斯台普顿觉得亨利爵士会到那里去,否则他是不会把它放出来的。 <br></p> <p> 我们可能很快就能知道问题的答案了, 福尔摩斯讲道。 斯台普顿来了。 <br></p> <p>他那敏锐的眼睛已经看到了黑暗之中在我们的前面移动的一个轮廓,而且在这个人走近时,我可以看出正是斯台普顿。<br></p> <p> 我们必须谨慎行事,不要表现出怀疑他的样子, 福尔摩斯警告我说。<br></p> <p>斯台普顿看到我们时停下了脚步,然后又向前走了起来。 华生医生,是您吗?我没想到会在晚上的这个时候在沼地上看到您。可是,天哪,这是怎么回事?有人受伤了吗?不 不要告诉我这就是咱们的朋友亨利爵士! <br></p> <p>他由我们身旁走过,并在那个死人的身旁弯下腰来。我听到他的呼吸急促。<br></p> <p> 这是谁 谁呀? 他问道,声音颤抖着。<br></p> <p> 是塞尔登,那个逃犯。 <br></p> <p>斯台普顿向我们转过身来时迅速地、设法掩饰着惊慌和失望的表情。他两眼死盯着福尔摩斯,又转向我。 天哪!多么可怕啊!他是怎么死的? <br></p> <p> 我们认为他从岩脊边上掉下来便摔断了脖子, 我说道。<br></p> <p> 我听到了一声叫喊,那便是我跑了出来的原因。我很替亨利爵士担心, 斯台普顿说道。<br></p> <p> 您为何要替亨利爵士担心呢? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 因为我已邀请他到我家来。他没有来时我感到很惊讶。接着,当我听到沼地上的叫喊声时,我就开始为他担忧了。我想知道 他的眼神从我的脸上忽地转向了福尔摩斯的脸 您还听到了什么声音没有? <br></p> <p> 没有, 福尔摩斯说道。 您呢? <br></p> <p> 没有, 斯台普顿说道。<br></p> <p> 那么,您这是什么意思? <br></p> <p> 噢,您知道关于那只鬼怪似的猎犬的种种故事的。当时我正在纳闷它今晚是否就在此地。 <br></p> <p> 我们没有听到过那一类声音, 我说道。<br></p> <p> 你们怎么以为这个可怜的家伙是摔死的呢? 斯台普顿问道。<br></p> <p> 我认为饥寒交迫和怕被警方抓获的恐惧之情已经攫住了他,把他逼得发疯了。他一定曾在沼地里疯狂地奔跑,又摔下了岩脊, 我说道。<br></p> <p> 您同意这种看法吗,歇洛克 福尔摩斯先生? 斯台普顿问道。<br></p> <p> 您猜人猜得真快, 福尔摩斯说道。<br></p> <p> 自从华生医生到达之后,我们一直在期待着您的光临。 <br></p> <p> 我确信我的朋友有关塞尔登死去的方式的说法是正确无误的, 福尔摩斯说道。 死得很惨,可是这也不能阻止我明天就回到伦敦去。 <br></p> <p> 在您离去之前,您能解释得了我们在此经历的种种神秘事件吗? <br></p> <p> 我不像自己希望的那样总能取得成功。我需要事实,而不是有关鬼怪的种种故事。对我来说这个案子办得并不好。 <br></p> <p>斯台普顿死盯着他,但是福尔摩斯说话时很一本正经,他的话语听上去也像真的。<br></p> <p>我们把尸体遮盖起来。然后,斯台普顿就转身回家了,我和福尔摩斯朝巴斯克维尔庄园走去。<br></p> <p> 他是个聪明人,同时也是个危险的对手,很难被诱捕的, 福尔摩斯讲道。 看看,当他发现那个死去的家伙不是亨利爵士时,他是多么镇定地克制自己的失望之情啊。 <br></p> <p> 我感到很遗憾,他竟看到了你, 我说道。<br></p> <p> 我也这么觉得,可是我们当时对此毫无办法。他现在已经知道了我在这里,可能会变得更加谨慎起来,或许会比他事先预谋好的更快地采取行动。 <br></p> <p> 咱们为什么不马上把他交给警方处理呢? <br></p> <p> 因为我们没有与他作对的证据。查尔斯爵士被发现是因为心脏不负重荷才死去的。我们今晚也证明不了这儿曾有过一只猎犬。塞尔登是摔死的。我们目前没有别的案子要办。我们明天去见一趟莱昂丝太太,她或许可以帮助我们。但是,不论发生什么,我都有自己的计划。也许会有些危险,但是我希望明天结束之前就能赢得这场战斗。 <br></p> <p>别的话语他就不肯讲了。<br></p> <p> 你打算来庄园吗? 我问道。<br></p> <p> 是的, 他回答道。 我再没有什么躲起来的原因了。可是,还有最后一句话,华生。可别对亨利爵士谈起那只猎犬的事来。就让他认为塞尔登是摔死的吧。如果他知道了猎犬的事情,他就会发现很难面对明天必须经受的种种危险了。我想,你曾经在最后一封信里告诉过我他在明晚要到斯台普顿家里吃晚饭的吧。 <br></p> <p> 还有,他们也邀请了我, 我提醒他道。<br></p> <p> 那么你一定得借口谢绝,他必须单身前往。那很容易安排。现在我想咱们俩人都已准备就绪,可以去吃些东西了。 <br></p> 最新    发表时间:2020-05-01 23:24:05  点赞:55  评论:0  浏览:321
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